• fort tilden field house

    fort tilden field house
    queens NEW YORK

    registration begins 12.12.09

    submissions due 04.19.10

    awards: US $2500 total and publication on suckerPUNCH


    [TOP 20]




    suckerPUNCH challenges entrants to use progressive, speculative strategies and design for the fort tilden field house and its surrounding sports fields and courts. This ideas competition serves to investigate architectural problems such as form, engagement with landscape, materiality, structure and aperture while also investigating ambitions of architectural atmosphere, styling, effects, and mood. new conceptions of digital processes and fabrications are called for to successfully create a sophisticated strategy that integrates architecture and landscape while also investigating performative opportunities whether in the building’s systems and their materiality or in the way the building curates mood and organizes leisure. the program calls for a creative architectural solution of versatility and adaptability in order to enable various programmatic uses depending on both the time of day and the time of year. through an experimental assemblage and design of the playing fields and their adjacent seating, unique opportunities can emerge for both the stands relationship to the surrounding site and the spectator’s relationship to the playing field. the field house and its environs function primarily as event space whether for sport or leisure and the ambition for its styling, atmosphere and intended effects should be curated in coordination with the architecture.

    the field house will exist as a storage facility, meeting place, and social center connected to the new playing fields at fort tilden. the site offers remote, clean land ideal for recreation while still being within new york city’s orbit. the fields and field house should be conceived as existing for little league play, use by local high schools, as well as adult club sports. the field house will contain facilities related to sports such as locker rooms, training rooms, as well as social areas including a lounge, cafe, and observation deck. the cafe and lounge will be used for causal socializing following games as well as more formal events such as sports banquets and be available for events such as weddings or private parties. the fields will allow for the playing of football, soccer, baseball, softball, and track and field as well as access to the nearby trails for runners and cross country events. the field house will also contain year round basketball courts, tennis courts, and a pool.

    ///fort tildenQUEENS

    located on the rockaway peninsula in queens new york, fort tilden is a surreal, hidden oasis nestled close enough for manhattan residents to spend a day at the beach but far enough away from the hustle of the city to feel remote. the fort, 25 miles from manhattan facing the atlantic ocean, functioned from 1917 to the early seventies. established during WWI, the fort became more heavily armed and fortified during the 1940s. the arsenal included smooth-bore cannons, sixteen inch naval rifles, and nike ajax and hercules air defense missiles[1]. the base was decommissioned in 1974 and turned over to the national park service becoming part of the gateway national recreation area. the remnants of the fort still exist on the site including the missile pads and concrete bunkers burrowed into the sand dunes. the beach is open to the public and local fishermen and its adjacent grassy fields house several playing fields and buildings occupied by cultural groups such as the rockaway artists alliance and the rockaway theater company. paths meander through the park and allow for exceptional bird watching as well as glimpses of a distant manhattan. the park is located between the beach community of breezy point and jacob riis beach which is a popular destination in the summer for new yorkers. transportation includes easy access from brooklyn and manhattan via the A train, by ferry across jamaica bay or by bus or bike across the marine parkway bridge.



    the site available for the competition is currently a grass field bordered by the beach, army buildings utilized by the arts organizations, and the forested area containing the abandoned bunkers and missile pads. There is an existing parking lot which can be utilized by the field house to supplement parking depending on siting of field house. the existing baseball diamonds can remain as they are or be reconsidered in design or location at the designers discretion. also, the existing buildings, paving and landscaping within the site boundary can be preserved or demolished at the discretion of the entrant.


    ///field housePROGRAM

    lounge 5.000sf
    restaurant 5.000sf
    cafe 2.000sf
    locker rooms 2.000sf each
    meeting/team rooms 3.000sf
    public bathrooms 1.000sf
    training/fitness rooms 5.000sf
    observation deck 2.000sf
    lobby 2.000sf
    storage 2.000sf
    loading 1.000sf

    convertible indoor/outdoor recreation
    [1] pool
    pool size 84’ x 164’
    seating for minimum 300 people

    [4] tennis courts minimum
    court size 36’ x 78’
    seating for minimum 600 people

    [2] basketball courts
    court size 50’ x 84’
    seating for minimum 1.000 people

    //outdoor recreation
    [1] football/soccer field with track surrounding
    field size 160’x 360’
    track size 440 yards
    seating for minimum 3.000 people

    [5] baseball/softball fields
    *existing fields can be used or they can be redesigned/relocated at designers’ discretion
    field size 90’ x 90’
    seating for minimum 500 people per field

    *all field and court requirements to meet high school regulations.


    abigail COOVER (hume coover studio, suckerPUNCH)
    nathan HUME (hume coover studio, suckerPUNCH)
    jose GONZALEZ (SOFTlab)
    mike SZIVOS (SOFTlab)
    richard GARBER (GRO architects)
    david NAM (gehry partners)
    ted NGAI (atelier nGai, CASE)

    $2500 in prizes will be awarded and the winning designs will be published on suckerPUNCH.


    this is an open ideas competition. entrants will be required to digitally submit two [2] boards at 18” high x 24” wide and 150dpi in tiff format with the provided 5 digit code in a 1”x1” square in the lower right hand corner of each board. image requirements are as follows:

    all necessary site and floor plans to describe the project including at the minimum a ground level plan describing the form, integration of program and relationship to fort tilden.
    *scale is at the discretion of the entrant

    one [1] north/south section
    one [1] east/west section
    *scale is at the discretion of the entrant

    one [1] aerial view
    one [1] view of playing fields and integrated seating
    one [1] interior view of field house
    *one rendering best describing the formal and atmospheric intent of the project must be rendered at 10” high x 13” wide and 150dpi in tiff format. this image is to be included on the boards as one of the above views.


    11 december 2009 competition launch
    25 january 2010 deadline for questions
    01 february 2010 deadline for early registration
    08 february 2010 answers to questions will be posted on suckerPUNCH
    16 april 2010 late registration deadline
    19 april 2010 project submission deadline
    03 may 2010 winners will be posted on suckerPUNCH


    entrants may register by submitting payment to suckerPUNCH via paypal and contact info to once payment and contact info is received, an email will be sent containing all project documentation (including dimensioned cad plan, 3d model, aerial photo, and site photos) and a 5 digit identification number to be placed in a 1”x1” square on the bottom right corner of each board. the submission procedure will also be outlined in this email.

    early registration fee – $35
    late registration fee – $65

    please email any questions to



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