• 2012 olympic park masterplan

    2012 olympic park masterplan
    dessau GERMANY

    suckerPUNCH: describe your project.

    irina BOGDAN, tudor COSMATU + alexander KALACHEV: during our studio at dessau institute of architecture ss09, our task was to research and invent ways to formally control the complex set of issues that constitute the organization of the olympic masterplan, having the 2012 olympic games as the set up.
    our goal was to design a flexible enough pattern, which will allow us to look into a variety of possible arrangements, taking as much as possible into account. the result was a 3d – electromagnetic field pattern which suited our demands.

    in order for the magnetic field to be generated we assigned positive and negative charges to different points in space. the initial arrangement of the pre-charged points was chosen out of a seried of cluster formations generated a priori. these cluster arangements were generated in processing. the algorithm functiones briefly like this: starting from one element, the other elements would organize themselves around the first one taking in account that they should’t intersect eachother and that the distance between them should be minimal.
    after choosing one of the clusters that determined “the moment zero” of the following electromagnetic dynamic process, we charged the points and observed the result.
    in order to show one more tangible solution for this whole constatly changing scenary we have frozen a frame in time and delt with it as designers do. thus the proposal you can see above.

    the whole project and research has taken place during a 2 months period of time.

    sP: who or what influenced this project?

    iB, tC, aK: magnetic fields and david rutten

    sP: what were you reading/listening to/ watching while developing this project?

    iB, tC, aK: we were having a pattern study workshop for a couple of weeks and during that time we started developing the gh definition which led to the final result. it all started while watching daniel pikers rheotomic surface video. after that video, we went through a lot of physics and mathematics to understand how to generate the electromagnetic field and how to actually do it.

    iB: to be frank there were constantly five very important and dear elements i was watching and listening to during all this time: my fellow friends and colleagues tudor, alex, diana and deborah and my lovely binary companion. besides there were also the tutorials and the rocknrolla sound track.

    tC: rocknrolla & a lot of ted, rocknrolla soundtrack, tutorials and some spanish speaking people

    aK: plenty of ted

    sP: whose work is currently on your radar?

    iB: marc fornes, patrick schumacher

    tC: marc fornes, foa, oma, zaha, big…

    aK: today, gaudi, melnikov and in general foa

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