• work 2009

    work 2009

    suckerPUNCH: describe your project.

    new DARK: new dark is an annual art creation event undertaken by a select group of emerging digital artists and photographers based in the uk & us. during the early summer of 2009 the new dark group collaborated across the world for a 12 hour event to produce a stunning collection of 10 fine art prints.

    this year new dark have captured and interpreted a moment in time that spans from the deserts of arizona to the industry of south east england. each artwork has been carefully prepared to tell a story of our time, a new dark age that offers opportunity through creativity and change.

    locating these cores on the perimeter, the systems are pushed to the outer edge of the building, were they are then networked toward the interior. in housing, this provides the opportunity to free up the interior (where typical hvac would be located) and offer more livable area and higher floor-to-ceiling heights. this housing is seen as a cohesive network focused on integrating a structural latticework with an illuminating and radiant makeup.

    sP: who or what influenced this project?

    nD: what: the need to quickly capture changing attitudes in society and culture through realtime collaboration.

    who: the photography of rut blees luxemburg

    sP: what were you reading/listening to/ watching while developing this project?

    nD: reading: learning from las vegas by denise scott brown

    listening: sigur ros

    watching: synecdoche, new york

    sP: whose work is currently on your radar?

    nD: studio job / antwerp – modern archaic craft

    phos architects / london – dark beautiful architecture

    hannah martin – jewellery for the decadent and dissolute

    taryn simon – photographer

    rosson crow – californian artist

    additional credits/links: