• typological silk stretching

    typological silk stretching
    los angeles CALIFORNIA

    suckerPUNCH: describe your project.

    qi SU & shenyuan GUO: the contemporary city’s development is nothing but the future designed by predictability and limitation. however, in fact, people have already got tired of the intended purpose mode of space and invariable architectural materials, and they are trying to look forward to new breakthrough. so from this point on, there is no doubt that what contemporary architects did is funny and ridiculous. the complexities of society and technical development have made our urban life “out of control”. people should live in a new world with random growth and great diversity, rather than rigid pre-established planning. thus, in our project, based on adaptive scenario, an open porous and self generating structure is created. the rampant and illusive silks weave an urban future formatted by unpredictability and mystique.

    sP: what or who influenced this project?

    qS & sG: francois roche,marc fornes, stephan henrich

    sP: what were you reading/listening to/watching while developing this project? we were always watching

    qS & sG: the video of people dealing with the silk in different ways.

    sP: whose work is currently on your radar?

    qS & sG: francois roche

    school: university of southern california

    (ncertainties 4.0_francois roche | marc fornes |stephan herinch)

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    • Hunter Says:

      Very interesting and aesthetically marvelous. One might argue that the randomness of the growth of this project would be even more funny and ridiculous than what is in existance, and what exists while being “boring” has a certain level of functionality (i.e. being able to walk in it, inserting program that can pheasably work, etc)that something like your proposing could never have.

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