• mixtape on diy public space-making
    brooklyn NEW YORK

    May 1: Mixtape on Architecture as Activism 4pm – 6pm
    $5 suggested donation for the panel and workshops, but no one turned away.

    Discussion panel with Jim Morgan (NYU), Yolande Daniels (studioSUMO), and Giovanni Piovene (Salottobuono), hosted by Mitch McEwen (SUPERFRONT).

    Choose to participate in 1 of 2 thirty minute teach-ins after the panel: 1) Justice and peace walking tour of the SUPERFRONT neighborhood with Jim Morgan or 2) critical play of the board game “Ghetto” with Yolande Daniels.

    This event is part of the Cypher on Urban Affairs, a public program at SUPERFRONT partly funded by the Brooklyn Arts Council.

    rsvp on facebook for $3 admission

  • field rupture
    san francisco CALIFORNIA

    suckerPUNCH: describe your project.

    veev Design: Situated in one of the ranges of the Berkeley Hills, this project is located in a 1950s modern house, designed to embrace a spectacular view on one side while wrapping around an inner courtyard garden pushed against an upper stone retaining wall. This interior courtyard is the subject of design consideration for an installation driven by the desire to define the garden space with a visual destination from the interior rooms.

  • wings of desire
    berlin GERMANY

    criterion has released their beautiful reissue of wim WENDER’S wings of desire. The moody, existential film tells the of angels watching over the city of berlin at the end of the cold war. They listen in and record the thoughts of the city’s inhabitants. One angel falls for a beautiful trapeze artist and decides to fall to earth to join her and experience life. The film is gorgeously shot in black and white by henri alekan and features performances by nick cave & the bad seeds as well as a peter falk starring as himself.

  • dig

    victoria AUSTRAILIA

    suckerPUNCH:describe your project

    luke HALLAM : A series of paintings depicting the often oversized machinery, used in the the extraction of natural resources from the earth.

    image: Wonder Wheel, airbrushed ink and acrylic on canvas


  • 918 spyder
    geneva SWITZERLAND

    PRESS RELEASE: Presenting a high-performance mid-engined concept sports car with ultra-efficient, low-emission drive technology, Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, is further increasing the Company’s competence in hybrid technology.
    The 918 Spyder is one of three Porsche models with hybrid drive making their world debut at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. The highly innovative 918 Spyder concept car combines Porsche’s Intelligent Performance technology, high-tech in motorsport, and classic but modern design to make a truly convincing statement. The Porsche 918 Spyder with plug-in hybrid provides the performance of a thoroughbred super sports car on fuel consumption of just three litres/100 kilometres in the New European Driving Cycle, equal to a CO2 emission rating of 70 g/km.


  • immer etwas
    geneva SWITZERLAND

    nice face’s immer etwas out on sacred bones delivers a nice solid punch with its fuzzed out distortion. full of plenty of energy and sinister swirls, the lp lets ian MAGEE show off his command of texturing noise, beats, and haunted vocals. the songs push straight ahead at a breakneck pace with no filler and plenty of trashy surf rock fun.

  • datong librarys
    cambridge MASSACHUSETTS

    suckerPUNCH: describe your project

    preston scott COHEN: the new library for datong city is inspired by the yungang grottoes, the masterpiece of early chinese buddhist cave art for which the city is known around the world. the grottoes are located at the southern foot of wuzhou mountain some 16 km west of datong. filled with carvings and buddha statues from the 5th and 6th centuries, they combine traditional chinese art forms with foreign influences. the new datong city library forms a roof landscape with openings that recall the carved spaces of the grottoes. though related to the wuzhou mountainside, its horizontal form identifies the library as a place that belongs to the contemporary world and to the people of this city in particular.


  • interview with roland snooks
    new york NEW YORK

    suckerPUNCH will be posting interviews in a new section – in the ring

    the first five interviews will also be featured in the upcoming publication of TARP, coding parameters. TARP is the architecture manual published by PRATT.

    image: swarm matter by kokkugia



  • digital.material
    copenhagen DENMARK

    seminar: digital.material
    date: monday 26.04
    time: 17:30-20:00
    venue: rom for kunst and architecture, maridalsveien 3 0178 oslo

    this seminar will discuss the installations in the gallery, focussing upon cita´s works and methodologies and underlying research. the presentation will be followed by some reflections by prof. michael hensel and toni österlund around the new digital design methods and their influence on architectural practice.


  • big space

    vincent FOURNIER’S big space series features photos taken in the remote, desolate spaces used for space training. The photos’ scale jump from vast dessert landscapes to the details of the astronaut’s gloves. The juxtaposition of the astronauts and their training facilities against these isolated landscapes is uncanny. The brilliant colors and textures of the technical instruments and sterile structures likewise strike a brilliant contrast to the rugged terrain.