• the garden

    the garden
    los angeles CA

    suckerPUNCH: describe your project.

    nick KINNEY: A botanical garden on the verge of collapse, “The Garden” is the result of two different functional agendas.  The contest between architecture and plant life plays out as a drama in this project, wherein the architecture is designed to sift the atmosphere for seed, pollen and the like while the plant matter cares only for resource and propagation.  As the two functions become intertwined, collapse is imminent and part of the architectural life cycle.


    “The Garden,” more an audio visual adventure than animation, is built heavily around cinematic effect and spasm to create a sensation of unease or disruption representative of the two dueling functions featured in this botanical garden.

    sP: what or who influenced this project?

    nK: This project was influenced by nature documentaries such as Planet Earth and Life, as well as movies like Altered States and La Planète Sauvage.

    sP: what were you reading/listening to/watching while developing this project?

    nK: Gregory Isaacs, Tommy McCook, The Wailers, Alton Ellis and The Northwoods.

    sP: whose work is currently on your radar?

    nK: Hernan Diaz Alonso, Andrea Palladio, Antoni Gaudí and Parrish / Rash.

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  • WP_Modern_Notepad
    • art_w Says:

      so is the intent of the project to fail??? because as an undesirable space i believe it succeeds. isn’t art / architecture supposed to enhance perceptions, sensations, and experiences? i’m just growing less and less found of hernan’s work and it’s followers by the minute. great graphic design yes, but as “architecture”… please. can you really even call it that?

    • gnice Says:

      @ art_w

      why would anybody work on a project intending for it to fail? You actually contradict yourself by admitting that the project succeeds. Desirable or not (this is your subjective opinion), I would argue that the surreal environment designed here would undoubtedly enhance perception, sensation, and experience…if thats your definition of architecture. Your comment reveals you as jaded and a sterile critic.

    • TTJ Says:

      YOU fail

    • qu1rk Says:

      in total opposition to mr. critic up there. I think this project is great. I find a unique genre in herman’s work and his studio. The idea of the grotesque can very much be seen in this project. The ref to Altered States and definite leaks toward Bacon and Groucho lend me to see a defined path that the work is intending to go. With the growing influence of responsive architecture, herman shows a direct connection with a biological animal architecture. Recently I saw my first responsive piece and I must say, I like it. A creepy sensation runs up and down the spine, metaphorically analogous to horror movies and freak shows. By art_w reaction towards the work, I am avidly convinced that the work does exactly what I like. I love to see you wiggle and squirm. Watch out it might just eat you, it sees fear you know.

    • Love it Says:

      Just curious, did anyone actually watch the video he posted? I think it’s brilliant – totally see the link to Altered States. Art_W sounds like he’s just a tad bit out of touch and jealous he can’t replicate what we see here. I love this project and I think it is one of the most original projects to be posted on this site. Keep it up!