• CASA sky box

    CASA sky box
    copenhagen DENMARK

    suckerPUNCH: describe your project.

    MAPT: If you are looking for the best seats at Horsens Stadium, you will find them in the VIP CASA Sky Box. From here there is a perfect view, whether you are watching soccer or concerts.
    The Sky Box is a unique project, where all furniture has been designed and fabricated specifically for this space. The furniture are functional and at the same time sculptural elements. Their glossy white surface merges wall, floor and furniture into one. Selected places, where the body comes in contact with the function, natural wood is integrated in the white surfaces. The play between the clean, glossy white and the warm wood combined with perfect fitting is the essence of this project.

    All objects have multiple purposes. The ‘mountain’ is a wall that the children can climb but at the same time a cave, where they can play computer games.
    All elements are produced using CNC Technology. This means great precision, a rational use of time and good economy, especially in a complicated project like this.

    1. What was the inspiration behind the design?

    We wanted to create an interior landscape, where space and furniture blended together. We were looking for at way to create these surfaces was inspired by monocoque structures, like the one you see in nature, where the surface is also the construction. This means you do not need at skeleton for support.

    The notion that it looks a bit like rocks is also something we aimed for. We wanted objects with multiple facets to catch the light in different directions.

    2. What feeling/impression would you like to give a visitor?

    We wanted the visitor to be stunned by the details. Everything is white and the surfaces only differentiate because light is reflected in different ways. At the bar desk the detail that catch the eye, is where the glossy white, changes to precisely crafted wood, but stays in the same shape. This change in material but not in shape is something you immediately see and what so examine closer.

    Also we wanted people to use and feel the furniture. It is not only looks. The largest piece, the ‘mountain’ is made so children can climb on it. Inside the mountain there is a dark cave, a cool place for the kids to play playstation. And this is an important point for us; it is about functions creating interesting and beautiful objects and spaces.

    3. Where there any particular challenges involved in designing the space?

One of the biggest challenges was to create the furniture because of the complex geometries. To make it possible, within a reasonably economy, everything was computer designed and manufactured. However this was not enough to make it happen. It has been a dialog between classical craftsmanship and new technology. An important lesson learned and the essence of good fictional design.

    4. What type of wood is used?¨

    Massive oak.
    OSB plate laminated or painted.

    5. Any thing else you’d like to add…

    The project, along with others, leads the way for at new generation of furniture and design, where is not about mass production but mass customization. The new digital technologies allow us to make unique designs and produce them in smaller quantizes, and still make it economically feasible. All it takes is customers demanding more of the product and the designers working closer together with fabricator. We will see more of this in the future; where people want have something unique and where they have an influence on the design. People are different and have different taste. This will be a possibility for new digital designers and fabricators, not the limitation.


    MAPT_CASA Sky Box. Interior design.

    What: CASA Sky Box.
    Where: Horsens Stadium, Denmark.
    Architect: MAPT
    Client: CASA Ejendomme.
    When: 2010.
    Photographer: Frank Jonassen.