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    los angeles CALIFORNIA

    Instructor: Marcelo Spina

    suckerPUNCH: describe your project.

    kim LAGERCRANTZ & chia-ching YANG: Exploring the 2D&3D qualities of flatness and contemporary pop-culture, we intend to develop systems of color, texture and plastics that will produce multiple affects and various degrees of sensation. Relating to the urban obsession for the Surface, the envelope becomes the prime target for an architectural escape that offers immediate satisfaction. Although our building may appear as a solid from the exterior, the interior reveals a new kind of figural condition developed from the initial two-dimensional digital drawing applied to the Surface.

    Articulated as floating exhibition Chambers, the elongated rooms open up to the outside revealing views over the city. From the exterior, they appear as glowing stars on the façade. We seek qualities of the ephemeral and temporal, a sense of continuity, but also a clear spatial transition, which reinforces similarities as well as unexpected differences. We are interested in this relationship, the juxtaposition of different qualities, the figure, the effects it may produce. Reaching the opening, color becomes darker, texture deeper, while the epicenter is white revealing a blush inside which eventually fades into new color. Using color we maximize contrast between Surface and Chamber.

    sP: what or who influenced this project?

    kL & c-cY: Marcelo Spina, Florencia Pita, Roland Snooks, Takashi Murakami, Stars&Pop

    sP: what were you reading/listening to/watching while developing this project?

    kL & c-cY: The Horhizon line, Bldgblog, Andrew Jones, Gustavo Cerati, Depeche Mode, Morrissey, Hernan Cattaneo, Boris Brejcha.

    sP: whose work is currently on your radar?

    kL & c-cY: Amanda Levete, Crab Studio, Kol/Mac, MarcosandMarjan, Patterns, FPMod, X-Atelier

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    • Spin Knows A Says:

      There is no affect created by this project. And what are the exact sensations created? What a bunch of bs

    • spin knows IS A Douche Says:

      Spin Knows A,
      why dont you submit a project for critique since you are such an expert and judge of “Affect”?
      Wait you did, but your work is so mediocre that suckerpunch hit the delete button on your email.
      Go troll another website, and show some respect to the good work being posted on this site.

    • Mark S. Says:

      Hey Spin Knows A,

      I’d be interested in learning your take on “affect,” particularly any physical examples. I too am confused as to how this project proposes the exploration of various degrees of sensation. Through a color gradient and the textures of plastic? I think use of the words perception and affect are grossly misused. Personally, I quite like some aspects of the project, particularly the mosaic-like exterior, however, the text is all over the place and throwing me off.

    • Spin Knows A Says:

      Okay, I admit, I’m being “a douche “. But clearly no one has any empirical measures of affect. And if you can’t measure it how do you know it exists? A bit of a case of “The emperor’s new clothes”