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    Rojkind Arquitectos is getting ready to break ground for a new High-Rise in Mexico City´s prestigious Reforma Avenue.
    Reforma Avenue has been one of Mexico City’s main avenues since the second half of the 19th century, and is one of the most important avenues and city hallmarks due to its symbolic value and urban quality.

    R432, on Reforma Avenue, has achieved the best construction conditions for its type of building. It is a project that fully embraces its urban condition. The building opens up to the street, and the street, fully guaranteeing safety, comfort and privacy enters into the building.

    exterior view from below rendering by ©rojkind arquitectos

    images clockwise from upper left: exterior day view rendering © rojkind arquitectos, exterior plaza view rendering © dbox, program diagram © rojkind arquitectos, apartment view rendering © rojkind arquitectos

    By uniting 12 lots of land we have a single lot stretching from Reforma Avenue, to Tokio Street, opening up the possibility of turning Manchester Street into a pedestrian walkway, giving the side facade a singular urban quality.

    Of the 52 floors of R432, the first 3 are reserved for commerce and luxurious restaurants, offering their services to the occupants living on the higher levels of the tower while connecting them with the city, rich with experiences of an urban environment. In total, five floors will be dedicated for parking and 35 for housing. There will also be floors dedicated to technical operations as well as recreation and entertainment of the inhabitants, including a gym, play area, swimming pool, massage area and jogging track.
    The top 9 levels of the tower will host the Buddha Bar Hotel, which promises to be one of the city’s most enviable locations, enriching the lifestyle of the tower’s inhabitants.

    This skyscraper doesn’t just multiply the base area by its number of floors; it also intensifies the potential for the use of the building. The greatest challenge is not just to pile one floor on top of the other, but rather to imply them with one another, or better yet, to complicate them into each other.

    The tower is divided into blocks or zones, that are identified by a theme or rather by an ambiance based on Gaston Bachelard’s Imagination of Matter; each of them implying colors, textures, smells and sounds. Starting from the ground up; Earth, Stone, Metal, Crystal, Water, Rain, Seeds, Plants, and Fire.

    Starting from the basic 70 square meter unit that is generated by the structure of the tower, the housing elements can be made by combining two, three or more of these units; horizontally, vertically or in a combination of both, allowing for different spatial and functional configurations.

    Your home can occupy several levels and enjoy different views, creating a unique combination that will set it apart from the rest.

    PROJECT_ R432
    ARCHITECTURAL PROJECT_ rojkind arquitectos
    CLIENT_ Grupo Elipse
    CONSTUCTION_ 58, 571 m2
    PROGRAM_ Mixed Use High-Rise
    LOCATION_ Reforma, Mexico City


    Grupo Elipse
    Arq. Edgar Vázquez

    Architectural Project:
    rojkind arquitectos
    michel ROJKIND [Design Principal]
    Gerardo Salinas [Principal]
    Project Team:
    Agustín Pereyra, Beatriz Díaz, Octavio Traveseras, Andrea León, Tere Levy, Julio Acosta, Fanny Soulard , Yasser Salo­mon, Carlos Alberto Ríos, Isaac Smeke, Rodrigo González, Monique Rojkind.

    3d Massing Consultants:
    Dieguez Fridman [Axel Fridman]

    Structure Engineering:
    CTC Ingenieros Civiles SC

    dbox ©
    rojkind arquitectos ©


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    Ernesto Moncada

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    Alejandro Hernández

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    Tere Levy [Director of Communications]