• thermoCLOUDS

    new haven CONNECTICUT

    suckerPUNCH: describe your project.

    miroslava BROOKS / amy DEDONATO / james GIRODAY: thermoCLOUDS was an experiment investigating the thermal dynamics of plastic. Through natural processes of heat and gravity, we were able to exploit the plastic’s inherent material logic and measure discrepancies through its limitations. Plastic panels were fabricated and painted for a specific aperture in the Yale Art and Architecture building. The points were performative, framing certain views and modulating light to produce an ambient effect on the interior of the hallway.

    sP: what or who influenced this project?

    mB / aD / jG: We were influenced by a former professor, Andrew Kudless (MATSYS), who explored a similar trajectory with plaster and fabric.

    Yale School of Architecture
    Fabrication and Assembly
    Critics: Ben Pell and John Eberhart

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    • Sian Thomas Says:

      Very interesting, is the blue light part of the paint you applied or the blue of the light behind? Where would you use it? Is it tough or would it crack easily? I expect the back of it looks pretty cool too
      Thanks for the link and keep on bending that plastic 🙂

    • Michael Says:

      It’s the exact same logic as Andrew’s….

    • Cody Campbell Says:

      Nice Work Mirka!! It’s kind of crazy running into your projects on here now!