• all aboard!

    all aboard!
    san juan PUERTO RICO

    williamsburg waterfront performance venue competition

    suckerPUNCH: describe your project.

    alberto FERNÁNDEZ ZEQUEIRA + francisco RODRÍGUEZ SUÁREZ: The concept for the project came from the park’s unique industrial past. Drawing inspiration from the original and forgotten railroad lines of the site, a new system of rails was designed for the project’s numerous stages and kiosks. This network provides for an infinite number of possible configurations depending on the size and type of venue while maintaining and enhancing the parks sense of open, natural and inclusive space. Maximum flexibility with minimal infrastructure. Innovation through historic interpretation.

    Park Entrance:

    A new public plaza along Kent Ave. provides much needed open urban space for the growing residential community and a Queue area for park events. Care was taken so as to maintain the unobstructed views of the river and Manhattan skyline from the street. 

    Visitor Center:

    The Visitors Center serves as the main terminal for both park and community activities. It’s bearmed, green roof gently slopes down towards the river providing additional seating area with spectacular elevated views of the park and riverscape. In the Center, visitors will find administrative and support spaces, bathroom facilities, a café and a large, open, multipurpose, main exhibition hall. The center protects the only original tracks left which now extend through the center from the river to the plaza connecting both physically and symbolically with the park’s industrial legacy. 

    Main Stages Rail:

    The Main Stage can be divided into two 30′ x 20′ units which can be positioned along the park at strategic points allowing for maximum flexibility in venue types an sizes. The Sculptural bearmed roof of the Center Stage provides a dramatic backdrop for the concert inside the park while discreetly respecting the residents on the other side. 

    Secondary Steges Rail:

    Not all events are mega concerts. Two 10′ x 30′ stages traverse the site offering gathering spots for a variety of smaller events. These stages pass through the Visitors Center ending on the new public plaza allowing for free entertainment even while the park grounds are closed. 

    Food and Bar Rail:

    In conjunction with the stages, the Food and Bar Kiosks can be positioned for easy and efficient access by the visitors. Their flexibility alone allows for spectacular waterfront dining at a variety of culinary events such as; local organic markets, food and wine festivals, barbecues and Oktoberfests. 

    Vendor Kiosks Rail:

    10 kiosks flank the park on two separate rails, 5 on each rail, and as with all other stages and kiosks, can be discretely put into storage when not in use

    sP: what or who influenced this project? 

    aFZ + fRS:The history and expansiveness of the site along with the raw and dynamic energy of the pool parties. 

    sP: what were you reading/listening to/watching while developing this project? 

    aFZ + fRS:Rita Indiana y los Misterios, The Clash, Fang Island and watching Spain win the World Cup 

    sP: whose work is currently on your radar? 

    aFZ + fRS:Office dA, BIG, SANAA, DS+R and Chilean Architecture 

    Juror Comments:

    simon KIM: Interesting premise of activated landscape as machine, with programmatic reconfiguration.

    MIKE szivos: The idea of program moving around on rails is great. I wish the overall proposal investigated this more and relied on this to produce an interesting condition on the surface of the site, rather than a formal approach to the landscape that suggests movement.

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