• williamsburg waterfront performance venue

    williamsburg waterfront performance venue
    buenos aires ARGENTINA

    williamsburg waterfront performance venue competition

    suckerPUNCH: describe your project.

    inés MOLINARI/mercedes PERALTA/dana SÁEZ/cecilia SEGAL/carolina TELO: The project presents an architecture investigation is inspired by geometrical models: Chinese traditional techniques such as origami and the tan gram game, geodesic investigations developed by B. Fuller, and other mathematical models such as fractals.

    Williamsburg became a rich information source to produce a material that would be enough flexible and light in contrast with the skyscraper landscape that gave us a hard background together with an industrial imagery of degradation. As a result, it feeds on local imagery, playing with existing aesthetic traditions that we found in the site: industrial landscape, bridges, American kiosks tradition, and contemporary independent musical culture. At the same time, it aims to produce both an aesthetic effect on landforms and a spatial structuring pattern to organize and distribute program into territory.
    There are three differentiated systems:

    01_KIOSKS. Program system

    (program) Mobile devices distributed homogeneously by a grid that interferes with landscape and a new artificial topography “inspired by” Tschumi´s follies at la Villete Park
    (behaviour) Generative spatial grid produces a family of prototypes that respond towards different needs. Mutation states: from open to close bearing in mind program flexibility.
    (materialization) Spatial framing structure such as balloon frame.

    02_ORIGAMI. Shading system

    (Program) a variating covered field integrates the main and secondary stage with differentiated standing areas as well as intermediate waiting areas
    (behaviour) Stages, standing areas and stages are covered by shading leaves that can be opened in the winter and closed during summer. The same may apply during day and night, allowing for special effects to take place in further technology development.
    Intermediate waiting areas are partially-covered areas where the roof structure releases shading patterns during day-light and artificial led patterns during the night shows
    (materialization) is a light-weighted tensed structure that emulates bridges structural behaviour. The tensional structure is covered by textile “translucent” leaves that can be opened and closed to regulate light, air and temperature.

    03_TAN GRAM. Topography system

    (program) An artificial topography adapts to existing landform, taking its way even into the river. The system works with different actions such as: standing, sitting, laying, playing, sleeping and many other variations that could result from these genres.
    (behaviour) Each item produces a different effect. It may act as a plane floor, or as a slope which invites to relaxation activities. The strategy appeals to repetition and difference due to variation. Tangram game’s logic resides in dissection of seven different figures which altogether fit as a square. It allows to create different combinations, without overlapping. This model influenced the arrangement of topography items in the site.

    (materialization) The puzzle is organized with independent items built as prefab concrete.

    sP: what or who influenced this project?

    iM/mP/dS/cS/cT: Buckminster fuller, Emergent, New York, Japanese metabolists, Bedford avenue, Coney Island, retro futurism, Pithagoras, origami, Woody Allen, YMO, Electric Eels, Biomimicry, Patterns, star wars, xkcd (web comic), theo jansen, delirious new York, robots, fractals, legos, Stanley Kubrick, glow in the dark, FOA, bits, nylon mag, wes Anderson, the jetsons, powers of ten, gego, mgmt, daft punk, space invaders, outer space, symmetry, burle marx, ps1, twinkies, zombies, rubies, tangram, gentlemen broncos, arizona ice tea, david bowie, awkward family pictures, ffffound, sweets, pyramids, system theories, smithson’s, Anton Perich.

    sP: what were you reading/listening to/watching while developing this project?

    iM/mP/dS/cS/cT: Phylogenesis: FOA’s Ark, Mgmt, Yo la tengo, the magnetic fields, daft punk, jonathan richman, little joy, the strokes, david bowie, the royal tenenbaum’s soundtrack, Roxette, gorillaz’ pastic beach, ymo, devo, talking heads, city noises, Gentlemen Broncos, jazz, random conferences at, AD Patterns, Phoenix, The Alan Parsons Project, Deformica, Trueno blanco, Bob Dylan, Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd.

    sP: whose work is currently on your radar?

    iM/mP/dS/cS/cT: Ciro Najle, Emergent, SANAA, Archigram, OMA, Buckminster Fuller

    Juror Comments:

    maxi SPINA: The project provides and interesting approach to cope with large scale spaces through ideas of self-organization and mutability at the micro scale. This capability allows it to create different ranges of porosity through the bending of the ‘umbrella’ pieces. While this idea creates a field effect that can respond to individual desires, the resulting configuration seems to be overly generic and lacking of identity for a prime city shoreline.

    jose GONZALEZ: I like the variation in scales of the project, how the shifts within the ceiling structure translated to the ‘pods’ below and how the different combination/organization of those modules allow them to host different programs.

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