• BCDC – brooklyn center for digital creation

    BCDC  - brooklyn center for digital creation
    vienna AUSTRIA

    master thesis, Vienna University of Technology
    instructor: Prof.Dr. Manfred Berthold

    suckerPUNCH: describe your project.

    tobias v. EGLAUER: This project emerged from sucker punch´s lavender lake competition. It is designed by using the Paper-Crease operation. Paper-Crease is folding, is a process, is geometry, is one way how nature is shaping: car crashes, tree leaves, tectonics, protein folding, insect´s wings, tissue, space and time… – the whole world is folded. The Paper-Crease operation was developed starting from origami folding patterns which still are inherent in the project.

    BCDC is a cultural center / art factory which contains living and working spaces, offices, studios, exhibition, shops, concert hall, library, cinema with a focus on the digital world. Since the center does not care about what is created but about how it is created new possibilities of synergetic effects are possible.

    BCDC is not so much a building but a fragment of an artificial landscape including the possibility of being perpetuated more or less coherent throughout the quater, the city or even further.

    sP: what or who influenced this project?

    tvE: who: teachers and students in Vienna and Hong Kong, people and blogs on the net e.g.: space symmetry structure at wordpress, theverymany at blogspot, tactom´s photostream at flickr
    what: folding structures, origami, computational geometry

    sP: what were you reading/listening to/watching while developing this project?

    tvE: Music: Pink Floyd, Brahms, Mahler, Electronic Music, my girlfriend practicing violin…
    Theory: Deleuze the fold, Reiser + Umemoto atlas of novel tectonics, Terzidis Algorithmic Architecture, Aranda/Lash Tooling, Ghyka Geometry of Art and Life, Architectural Design magazine, Reas and Fry Processing
    Fiction: Lawrence Sterne Tristram Shandy, Thomas Pynchon Against the Day, Jules Verne 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

    sP: whose work is currently on your radar?

    tvE: Tom Wiscombe, Patrick Schumacher

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