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    austin TEXAS

    suckerPUNCH: describe your project.

    robert j. MEZQUITI:

    -PARA.PERRO. for-dog
    -PARA.PERRO. parametric-dog

    Para.Perro began from the premise that a dog habitat is different from and responds to a different set of conditions to that of a habitat for human occupancy.

    The habitat functions very much like a primitive hut and is made from natural materials. Its form describes the manipulation of simple geometric curvature allowing it to change size and shape.

    The geometry is generated from a set of 5 curves each containing 12 control vertices. These vertices dictate the overall shape and volume of the dwelling and respond to the proportion and size of its inhabitant.

    From the initial form a set of operations occur which begin to rationalize the articulation of surface from a continuous to a one defined by its section. This process is one purely a bi-product of material economy and fabrication techniques. The construction of form provides the “Sensation without conveyance.”

    sP: what or who influenced this project?

    rM: With apologies to Greg Lynn, Vladimir Velickovic, and Enric Miralles

    sP: what were you reading / listening / watching while developing this project?

    rM: Rendering w/ Pen and Ink, Robert W. Gill / Hacienda, Alexander Ebert, Dr. Dog, and The Arcade Fire / The Office

    sP: whose work is currently on your radar?

    rM: Peter Eisenman / Louis I. Kahn / Henn Studio B / Studio Commonwealth / FÖDA Studio

    Special Thanks:
    Lily & Puma, Mom, Kaleb Canales, William Townsend, Daniela and Alexandra Cazares, Dante Schwebel

    Fabrication and Consulting Team:
    Studio Mode (Ronnie Parsons & Gil Akos), BBIITT (Julio Carreon Reyes), and the greatest place on earth Blue Genie

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