• bubble art display for mocca / bad for mocca

    bubble art display for mocca / bad for mocca
    sunnyside NEW YORK


    suckerPUNCH: describe your project.

    erick KRISTANTO : Bubble Art Display is a way of presenting comic and cartoon art into an architectural building as a public display that attracts people with the intention of promote the art itself. The concept originates from a series of bubble quotes used in comics, which, in this design, is used to display the programs of the Museum. The dynamic and playful interior space, created by the bubble quotes shapes, generates an engaging, fun visitor’s experience, which allows them to observe different activities happening at the same time. Moreover, these bubble quotes are connected by a vertical helix ramp at the center of the building.

    And to make the experience even more amusing, slides are provided as a shortcut from one space to another. With the unique figure that carries a mission to display as well as promote comic and cartoon art, this museum will be the new icon for lower east side area of Manhattan.

    sP: what or who influenced this project?

    eK: Kid’s Playground, Macy’s parade, The Simpsons and The ‘texture’ of lower east Manhattan

    sP: what were you reading/listening to/watching while developing this project?

    eK: Watching: Macy’s parade, The Simpson, Shrek 3, Tribute to john Lennon, SNL
    Listening: Wax Tailor, Passion Pit, The Beatles, Shanghai Restoration Project, Hexstatic.

    sP: whose work is currently on your radar?

    eK: Yoshitomo Nara ( Artist )
    Gareth Pugh (Fashion Designer)
    Junya Ishigami ( Architect)
    Zaha Hadid ( Architect)
    Jeffrey Kipnis (Architect)
    Stefan Sagmeister (Designer)
    Olafur Eliasson (Designer)

    jury comments:
    michael SZIVOS: This approach is interesting because of its radical and ridiculous nature. As the discussion around building technology evolves to help build more complex forms with the hope of producing new complex associations and spaces, no one has suggested just building a direct representation of how most studios have started a project for years, the “bubble diagram.”

    peter ZUSPAN:The combination of soft comic line and form with the textural weight of concrete, while literal, is a good gesture, and some of the interiors of these blobs seem fairly compelling. However, the resolution of the in between spaces and their envelop seem unfortunately dark and confused.

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  • WP_Modern_Notepad
    • Fred Says:

      Looks like a toilet.

    • Steven Says:

      i agree this project seems under-developed compared to others posted on suckerpunch. whats with the comment “bad for mocca”? renders look good but overall the design is a disappointment.

    • Arc Says:

      This was an ideas competition….3rd place certainly does not belong there. You could take that building and put it on any site….not to mention it butts up againts the neighboring building. Is the jury comprised of architects, or people who are easily impressed by what computer technology can achieve?

    • James Says:

      I agree. Apart from “bubbles”, the other two designs are blah…

    • Moosejaw Says:

      I have to agree with Arc. I thought that this was an ideas competition. It is disappointing to see that the finalists thus far have not run with the opportunity for cross-pollination between the two mediums of architecture and comics… which could have yielded a lot more interesting concepts than the heavy-handed literal takes we’ve seen so far.

      That said, the students who have been posted so far have displayed a very high-level of control with their modeling and rendering software, and should be commended for their efforts.