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    suckerPUNCH: describe your project.

    jerome GLAIROUX: The project was made as an answer not only to solve the problem of how to « collect, preserve, and display cartoons and comics arts », but at first to create a place where the city, the people that are living in, and the function of the building could meet in an harmonious way. 

    The first intention was to make the building as an attractive object, not in the easthetical sense, but in the urban sense. It is composed as two parts, the plinth, heavy and connected to the ground, and the museum box, light and lifted up, leaving enough space for the city to slide under. The space between is part of the building, and yet it’s not part of the building. The area is not enclosed, but it is part of the experience of the building. The plinth build the site from the street, the rest of the museum inscript the building at the scale of the whole Delaney street, standing and looking at every directions, trying to extend its own physical limits.

    Then, the museum functions like a comics page. The exhibition starts on the top of the building, following the sense of reading, the visitor takes part of a story, crossing a variety of exhibition spaces in sizes and atmosphere that permit the experience to be multiple. They also allow people to confront their experience with the reality of the outside, bringing sometimes a part of the city as the background of the exhibition, as well as cartoons and comics do.

    In a way, the inside of the building is designed to appear like a gigantic machine, where grids and framing dictate the space, giving the impression of the ability to move and transform by himself.

    sP: what or who influenced this project?

    jG: In my opinion, what or who influence a project is all the history behind us. All the people met in the field of architecture or not, all the building visited or seen on books, all our personnal feelings and perception of spaces . I don’t think that it’s easy to answer this question, but when I look back at this project, I can see lots of things that belongs to my recent interests about architecture, and also my recent trips. You don’t choose your influences to create a project, you use them in an unconscious way.

    sP: what were you reading/listening to/watching while developing this project?

    jG: Most of the project was a night time work. I was listening to radio (france inter) to keep me aware that Iam not the only one working late, to have some company when almost everyone is sleeping. After this long session of work, I needed recreation so I could use some « big bang theory » or « californication » , tv shows to clear my head.
    I’m not so much into comics and cartoon, but I did read a lot of articles about history and creation of this arts.

    sP: whose work is currently on your radar?

    jG: I try to keep an eye on everything new about architecture, even if I don’t share the process or the principles of lots of things that are created today.
    I worked few years ago for an office based in Dublin called O’Donnell+Tuomey. They are constantly in my radar because they represent, by their work and their personnalities, everything that makes me passionate about architecture. They are what inspirated me, and keep doing it now.

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    • James Says:

      what’s the big idea here?? looks quite generic

    • Julius Says:

      Nice Gainsbourg reference in the title!

    • MooseJaw Says:

      While there is some merit to the criticism that this entry is somewhat generic (virtually any program could fit into this shell), I think you are really onto something with your idea of incorporating the mechanisms of comics “where grids and framing dictate the space, giving the impression of the ability to move and transform by himself”. I would have liked to have seen that a bit more in the representation, either as a direct representation of the physical structure or as a exploratory sketch of the phenomenological structures at play.

      Overall, a very well worked-out entry. Kudos.

    • someone who knows. Says:

      someone got the luxigon library…