• mocca museum nyc

    mocca museum nyc
    los angeles CALIFORNIA

    1st PLACE – $1200

    suckerPUNCH: describe your project.

    volkan ALKANOGLU : Comic and Cartoon Art, from its early stages to the sophistication of this current Century, has been of remarkable importance in cultural history. The MOCCA Museum in New York is a representative of this legacy and its unpredictable, but assuredly rich, future.

    The projectis designed to serve as a 21st-Century museum, becoming a place that celebrates the notion of containment and the display of beauty, vision, history, polemics and, above all, possibility.

    The building assumes an elegant, sculptural presence on its site and reflects to the illustrious lights of New York City. The MOCCA Museum will be a state-of-the-art museum that will also become a social, cultural and economically generative architecture and a catalyst for thought and provocation in the amazing world of Comic and Cartoon Art.

    sP: what or who influenced this project?

    vA: Jan Kaplicky
    Hani Rashid
    Sir Peter Cook
    Luigi Colani

    sP: what were you reading while developing this project?


    sP: whose work is currently on your radar?

    vA: LASSA (Theo Lalis Sarantoglou & Dora Sweijd)
    David Tajchman Architectures
    NaJa&deOstos (Nannette Jackowski & Ricardo de Ostos)
    anOtherArchitect (Daniel Dendra)
    Studio Bonner (Jennifer Bonner)

    jury comments:

    julia KOERNER: Since this is an ideas competition, I think this projects shows the most potential for a new type of a museum for comic and cartoon arts. Its giving the visitor the possibilities to explore interesting mashine like spaces and the feeling to be in the interior of a giant robot, makes this project exiting. Especially the diagrammatic section shows an interesting relation of the ground floor with the clear organic figure and the uppor floor in the box sheltering the continouing figure. This juxtaposition creates an interesting positive-negative, interior-extirior relationship.

    alexander PINCUS: Sensous, mysterious and compelling both in presentation and design.

    peter ZUSPAN: While burdened with cryptically graphic overproduction and privileging a seemingly sinister late sci-fi side of the genre that may be a little too one-sided, I appreciate the basic section of the building: the combination of the playful sculptural treatment of the underside with the stoic cantilevered gallery spaces. I also enjoy the idea of black as a triumphant alternative to the white box…a monochromaticism that can present just as stable a backdrop to what is hopefully an exuberantly eclectic and colorful collection.

    brennan BUCK: The board is tough to decipher, but there is just barely enough information to make it out as an actual building proposal. It’s a compelling one, not just graphically. The spaces have a dynamism that fits the program, even as they are squashed by the gallery box above. The plan looks workable, even if the exploded drawings are opaque.

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  • WP_Modern_Notepad
    • g Says:

      nice representation, well-made panels.

    • Minute Says:

      I’d like to say both wow, and what a joke at the same time. Nice eye candy…

      Also, suckerpunch, if you want people to take your competitions seriously, then you need to not award entries that don’t fit into the brief parameters. This is the only one of 20 that you have shown that has used the entire block to spread out the program. I think many of us would have liked that freedom… As you can see by the other entries, they have all had to work with some form of vertical bias: this entry has not. By all means, give them an honorable mention or something, but why waste everyone’s time with a brief if there are no boundaries?

    • Anthony C Says:

      Pretentious much? I think so. This is purely Style over substance. The candidate did not even have the guts to demonstrate their ideas into a real building, are you scared of actually designing a scheme? The judges have been duped by album cover art, rather than real ideas for a real building. This competition has been a waste of time. Dont get me started on second place! CONTEXT????? Joke

    • Minute Says:

      Anthony, what’s sad is that the jury is pretty respectable, not a bunch of mooks. Oh well. At least I know now what suckerpunch is looking for, about 30-40 hours of time with a case of beer and some music on the headphones. 1200’s not a bad paycheck for a bender of drunken design.

    • Rupert Says:

      ….where is the building? I think the honorable mentions were far better projects than this and the runner up.

    • MVRDV Says:

      I was not aware that the BP oil spill reached New York City.

    • MooseJaw Says:

      I think there may be a bit of sour grapes in the comments section of this and the other entries. Part of approaching a design competition successfully is to get to know your audience/client. Anyone spending 5 minutes on suckerPUNCH who does not come away with an understanding that the hosts of this competition privilege style over substance (with a strong preference for parametric experimentation) is simply not paying attention and will thus not be successful.

      Allowing the above entry to be what it is (and not discrediting it for what it is not) I think the above entry is really cool. There is a brash but serious playfulness evident that is appropriate to the theme, but usually goes unappreciated among architects- who often seem to forget that they were ever children. While not fully in focus yet, the design takes advantage of some of the curiosities of the comics medium to probe the working boundaries of architecture, and comes up in the end with something interesting.

      Well done.

    • M Moran Says:

      “The board is tough to decipher, but there is just barely enough information to make it out as an actual building proposal.”

      Doesn’t sound like first place…weak.

    • Minute Says:

      Moosejaw, with the attemptto start a dialogue:
      “Appropriate to the theme”? So many comics creators have spent their careers trying to prove that it’s not only about “brash but serious playfulness”, it’s not all spiderman and calvin.

      The winning entry has a “digital display” as it’s main method of presenting work: As architects, when did we lose respect for the line? Are we so removed from that form of making we assume everything should be displayed on LCD? I own comics pages, you can’t scan them and maintain the same breadth of context.

      Yes, you are right, he gave the jury what they want, but this is a museum for PVC toy art, not for Mocca’s collection. The robotech fans will love it.

      I do appreciate the jury’s comments, especially ZUSPAN’s, but the explanation that this guy give for the work is so trite. How does this tackle a “notion of containment”? How is it “social, cultural and economically generative architecture?” the words hold as little meaning as the architecture!

      Sigh. Now that I think about it, most of the other entries were boring as hell. But still.

    • M Moran Says:


      “…style over substance (with a strong preference for parametric experimentation).”–Once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

      This was an ideas competition (inferring some kind of substance). It’s time we started paring some of these techniques (and yes these are just techniques) along with strong ideas (substance)–then we might have something truly worth talking about.

      Until then, all we have is eye candy–nothing more. Until then, we can’t take SP’s competitions seriously.

    • MooseJaw Says:

      Minute / M Moran-

      Thank you for your comments. Dialogue with a bit of resistance is always appreciated.

      I can’t say that I would completely disagree either of your comments, depending on which aspects of the project I am emphasizing. It strikes me that the judges comments for this 1st Place entry are some of the most critical and to the point: The board IS overburdened by its own style and it IS hard to decipher. But to follow on what Julie Koerner says above and truly allowing this to be an IDEAS competition (as opposed to a building proposal scheme) I appreciate the willingness of the entrant to experiment with SOME of the graphic techniques of comics to allow the act of representation in this case to function as an opportunity for experimentation. To Minute’s point: By no means does the project tap the more sophisticated potentials of artists like Chris Ware or the Hernandez Brothers. It is content to skim the surface of the current popular style–but even only doing that it at LEAST comes to conclusions I don’t believe were available to the majority who approached this project by launching Rhino. With this project, it is obvious the designer STARTED with comics reconciling towards architecture, and the ensuing idea was built out of the heavy shadows of ink washes and frozen kinetic energies (albeit in heavy-handed fashion). Most of the other entries began with architecture trying to reconcile comics, and they seem to wash together a bit.

      Anyway, that is my attempt at articulating why I personally find this entry interesting (it is not my entry, by the way). As a follow up, I am really curious which of the Top 22 entries posted on Flickr would you have awarded first prize to?

    • john.w Says:

      hands down this design is by far the best one posted. no other ocmpetes. the competition wasn’t about a generic style nor a building with calculated moments joints it was an OPEN IDEA competition. therefore anything goes.the winners and the top 22 are exactly what suckerpunch wants. designs that punch and break new ground for design.

    • harry brown Says:

      John W….ultimately it is an architecture competition, yes it is also an idea, but the requirements and the most basic characteristics of building is to respond to context, program and also stimulate and educate its users…while all these designs stimulate some kind of reaction whether good or bad, they mostly lack respect for site, context, history and overall functionality!….i guess if you are comfortable designing in a vacuum with your focus being only on form, i get your point of view, but you my firned are no architect…maybe a sculptor or graphic designer, or a failed architect!

    • art v Says:

      let’s just be honest… all the ‘winners’ were not that glamorous, or functional, or site responsive. the whole competition had underdeveloped schemes including the winner. this particular one won because it was what the jury thought was the best of what was submitted… nothing more. i just find it concerning that this guy has supposedly taught at many well-known universities (according to the website) and my bottom dollar says most of his students could produce a better ‘ideas competition’ design.

    • M Moran Says:


      I would have picked the honorable mention from Poland, BLOP!…POW…WIZZZ to win. A nice balance between beauty and substance. I agree completely with your posted comments (there) and would mimic a lot of what you had to say. I too enjoyed how the author moves users through the building via the ‘comic book mechanism’ and too wish more of that would have been shown in the representation. Unlike the other entries, BLOP!…POW…WIZZZ (Poland) elegantly synthesizes architecture and ideas the best.

    • Leodan A Castillo Says:

      I have great deal of respect for this entry, there is a lot to be comprehended from the representational connection that Volkan Alkanoglu has created, not only to design a building but more to establish a character and a personality that truly represents the spirit of the project. In conclusion there were some interesting propositions by other counterparts; but, the lacked of personality and charismatic deployment of ideas made them fail. I also understand the political notions that many of the previous comments have, it feels bad to loose!

    • jj eilert Says:

      castillo – building?? seriously, that black stain??

      go to class buddy

    • as_cadad Says:

      what is this? diluted ArchiGram? what a joke! this entry is a waste of time. taught at Harvard? and other schools? (maybe as an assistant, no one has heard of you there) buddy, give us a break! stop lyiing to yourself.
      Let me not start with the proposal criticism; where is the building?

    • LeO Jr Says:

      wheres ur design jj eilert?

    • JDCarling Says:

      This is probably a nice design, but it needs some clear representation/presentation!