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    taipei TAIWAN

    BIG: m = distance I m2 = area I m3 = space
    Technology + Entertainment + Knowledge = TEK
    TEK3 = Space for Technology, Entertainment & Knowledge

    The Technology Entertainment & Knowledge Center – aka TEK Taipei – is a dense urban block of all kinds of activities related to contemporary technology and media.

    The cube = TEK3
    The spiraling street of media programs is consolidated in to a 57x57x57 m3 cube of program permeated by a public trajectory of people life.

    The cube is finished in concrete lamellas serving as solar shading as well as public access. The lamellas recede inwards forming a generous public staircase allowing the public to walk into the façade and all the way to the roof.

    TEK Taipei will consolidate exhibition spaces, showrooms, retail space, a market place and hotel, offices and conference rooms all related to media in a single superfunctional entity. At the heart of the institution, a big public auditorium will host product presentations, program launches, movie previews and gaming tournaments as well as the biannual TEK Taipei as the reoccurring anchor event for the whole complex.

    TEK3 contains an almost urban mix of programs with no obvious hierarchy. We propose to organize the shops and showrooms, offices and hotel rooms, conference rooms and exhibition spaces, restaurants and galleries along an internal extension of the pedestrian street to the south.

    Partner in Charge: Bjarke Ingels, Jakob Lange
    Project Leader: Cat Huang
    Team: Alysen Hiller, Xi Chen, Espen Vik, Johan Cool, Xu Li, Gaetan Brunet
    client Taiwan Land Development Corporation
    consultants Realities United, Arup


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    • thomas jensen Says:

      wtf – i thought suckerpunch for ever would be free of this. Damn you

    • john_w Says:

      sucker punch daily gods please please do not post bjarke ingels commercialism at the most, so please let this be the last post

    • skeptical Says:

      why the hate on such a good project. Jealous designers stick to your fantastical renderings made of goo and cheese in the endless homage to Hernan diaz alonso- this is a breath of fresh air from the meaningless eye candy software masturbation on here all the time. Take notes people- this is real ‘architecture’, and space for real people to inhabit. go BIG

    • skepticality Says:

      …right, because the ambiguous “white” material in all of BIG’s renderings demonstrates an acute awareness and attention to materiality. Please. Goo = goo.

    • thomas jensen Says:

      @ skeptical –
      dude if you wanna keep seeing these projects go to their website, dezeen, bustler or any of the billion other blogs that show it. –
      @ skepticality –
      exactly – it doesn’t show anything

      btw.skeptical if you like the concept you would probably wanna check this out

    • TvE Says:

      @ thomas jensen your link shows a similar looking, but diferently working project. The holes in BIS´s cube are actualy a huge staircase – so you can walk up there… i dont see that in the orange cube.

      Honestly i like tis stair-hole through the cube. It´s something I really would want to climb up to the top.