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    fictitious sections
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    fictitious SECTIONS: The design workshop introduced building systems and imposed various narratives into the architectural project with a focus on the development of tectonic, spatial, and informative aspects.

    Narrative devices were used to speculate about the following parameters: program, material, structure, circulation, and spatial differences. By creating a constant dialogue between the digital model and these specific parameters, a sequential journey was calculated and developed by way of the storyline.

    The premise of this workshop stated that buildings are largely shaped by a dynamic flow of interrelated programmatic, structural, communicative, and atmospheric tones. The students tested the nature of possible interfaces between the generated envelope and its various formal settings within a building layout. The investigations were structured in such a way that aesthetic assumptions are developed as an integral part of the building design process. Fictitious Sections were extracted from the digital model, crafted through an assembly of line work / line types, and deployed as representational agendas.

    Department of Theoretical and Applied Aesthetics,
    LTH School of Architecture, Lund Technical University

    Jennifer Bonner, Volkan Alkanoglu

    Prof. Abelardo Gonzalez

    Teaching Assistant:
    Caroline Dieden

    Sofia Adolfsson
    Peter Andrén
    Xiao He
    Elinor Holgersson Lundqvist
    Mats Håkansson
    Farhad Jalalvand
    Johanna Kanerud
    Felicia Lans
    Emil Lillo
    Victor Nyman
    Ingrid Sköthagen Nordstrand
    Selma Udriot Johansson
    Marcus Westberg
    Aksel Widoff
    Teodor Åström
    Jonas Lindgren

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