• elevated cinema

    elevated cinema
    st. louis MISSOURI

    Second Place – $800

    suckerPUNCH: describe your project.

    dennis BURKE / nick KUNKLE / eduardo PONCE: This project challenges the typical sequence of experiences associated with cinemas today. Instead of a linear experience, one with a dis-tinct beginning and end, our building creates a loop. A loop that rises and falls like the climax of a movie. In this way the building responds to cinema in a unique way. The building replicates the excitement and build-up of emotion like a movie. We have created a place to experience cinema that is as exciting to go to as it is to stay.

    Parts of a plot:
    1. Exposition (of the situation)
    Approaching from the city you see the building extending both into the sky and ground. The building is an outdoor urban theater and a frame to the city beyond. The initial experience is one of excitement and intrigue.
    2. Rising Action (through conflict)
    Ascending through the building, views of the city are used as a backdrop to lounges and art galleries. Moviegoers and curious people mix in common spaces outside the theaters. These spaces open above and below; dramatic visual connections create an exciting pubic atmos-phere.
    3. Climax (or turning point)
    As you wait for the movie to start or your food to arrive, you sit floating above the city. The theater goes black or the ceiling turns to night as your experience begins.
    4. Falling Action
    On your way out you can complete the loop and experience new spaces. A continuous park on top of the building provides a leisurely way to socialize as you go down.
    5. Resolution
    The park space between the building and the river creates a place of solace and reflection. The silence of the river is amplified by the cover of the building. The visual connection to the Manhattan skyline it at its greatest.

    sP: what or who influenced this project?

    dB/nK/eP: Banal suburban movie theaters & large scale urban spaces.

    sP: what were you reading/listening to/watching while developing this project?

    dB/nK/eP: Pamphlet Architecture, ArchDaily, Architizer, Martin, Medeski, & Wood (Music), NPR, Music of our thoughts…

    sP: whose work is currently on your radar?

    dB/nK/eP: Studio Gang, OMA, MASS Studies, REX, STL, Paisajes Emergentes, Johnsen Schmaling Architects

    jury comments

    michael SZIVOS: This approach has some very simple organizational strategies that are combined in very specific ways to produce a building that houses what looks like separate floating theaters. It is interesting to see such a simple strategy go far enough to produce a variety of spaces that can range from large enough to frame the city to the left over spaces of the stacked theaters that form small parks or terraces.

    gil AKOS: This project maintains a strong connection to the waterfront and skyline thereby establishing an attractive public plaza while also creating a layered and multivalent experience of space through various interior to exterior conditions.

    stella LEE: Narrative sequence of the visitor’s experience is carefully considered and I enjoy that this was integrated into a description of the architectural moves made in the project. The project would be conceptually stronger if it self-identified more with a specific genre of film (for example blockbuster action film) since the five point plot points do not really apply to many films that break from what is essentially a narrative formula. That being said, the project’s concepts are well illustrated.

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    • john_w Says:

      Boring what has happened to suckerPUNCH?

    • friend of Friend Says:

      what an intelligent comment john_w.

    • Alex Says:

      Are you offended when someone dislike this project?

    • friend of Friend Says:

      No. I get offended by moronic comments. People should I least elaborate.

    • friend of Friend Says:

      *at least elaborate. (typo)

    • JJ Says:

      OK, I know how it feels to be judge on those comments lines but I just think all of this is becomming too much. Where architecture is right now? I call it the Bjarke Ingels syndrom, where evertything started, architecture has to be understandable in first sight, explainable in one sketch, or in one gesture. I’m talking about all the architectural ideas competitions not just this project. There is not anymore the sense of space, light, composition, materiality… like I learned architecture.
      Please, can we come back to the fundamentals..????!!!

    • Alex Says:

      Just chill people lol. At least use a real name you know what I mean?