• BMW Lovos

    BMW Lovos
    munich GERMANY

    Bachelorthesis Anne Forschner
    sponsored by BMW Exterior Design Munich

    suckerPUNCH: describe your project.

    anne FORSCHNER: Lovos (Lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity) is based on a philosophical idea, which asks critical questions about the design, construction and use of road vehicles, as we know them today. The world we live in is increasingly complex and we move within multifaceted social structures, hardly noticing that we perhaps lack an overview over how products and services influence and overwhelm us.


    We rarely question these structures and continue to live and consume habitually. The car represents this world in the form of a physical object. Lovos aims to oppose and question the familiar process of designing, building, purchasing and driving cars. The project is a symbol for the Life Of Voluntary Simplicity and is an object that seeks to provoke the viewer to sidestep his or her embrace of pleasant conformity. Leaving our common habits/knowledge behind, Lovos is asking fundamental questions:

    How many parts do we use to build the exterior of vehicle?
    How would a car look like, if it was build by just one (recurring) piece?

    The result of an experimental research is a vehicle that is made by 260 identical, exchangeable pieces which are fixed with a hinge on a substructure.

    The individual pieces are movable, which allows the surface of the vehicle to be closed – like the scales of a fish – or opened to the environment. These pieces work like airbrakes and are also photovoltaic, following the movement of the sun when the vehicle is stationary. Contrasts, emotion and provocation are the main themes of the design.

    Mentoring: Per Selvaag

    sP: what or who influenced this project?

    aF: I am a big fan of Rei Kawakubo, fashion designer with commes des garcons. Her whole person was and is a big inspiration for my projects. “Question everything. Force people to see things your way. Then move on. Challenge constantly.”

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    • bestill Says:

      No way. Absolutely no way. You cannot talk about voluntary simplicity and bmw in the same sentence. I appreciate both, as well as the beauty of your project, but, NO. Come up with some other post rationalization, cause this one is just offensive to both the images you created and to the concept of voluntary simplicity-a concept that cannot be distilled down to a replicating unit. Ever. Just find a new pitch…