• gate_lab

    istanbul TURKEY

    suckerPUNCH: describe your project.

    alper DERINBOGAZ+ceyhun DERINBOGAZ: Gate_lab is a media space that can reconfigure itself in response to human stimuli.The “media space” starts moving with or against you, to distort your speed thus creating a time wrap illusion. An interior LED screen is filtered twice to shape the light inside the space. The first layer is a white diffuser; the second layer is a parametrically patterned image of a forest visualized by linear cuts.

    Beyond the existing Gate_lab interaction it is an infrastructure for collaborative art. It is a evolving project. Gate’s behavior will be improving at certain periods to support the new forms of collective intelligence in a number of different fields including architecture, software and interaction design, gaming and more.

    sP: what or who influenced this project?

    aD+cD: Stargate Movie, Hitoshi Abe, Marcelyn Gow, Jason Payne, Branko Kolarevic

    sP: what were you reading/listening to/watching while developing this project?

    aD+cD: Watching: Tron, Game of Trones, Listening: Daft Punk, Buyuk Ev Ablukada

    sP: whose work is currently on your radar?

    aD+cD: Yusuke Obuchi, SigmaR&D , Refik Anadol, bittertang, allthatissolid

    Additional credits:
    Concept and Design: Alper Derinbogaz
    Engineering: Ceyhun Derinbogaz
    Parametric Modelling: Melis Eyuboglu
    Pattern Script: Oguz Bal
    Graphics: Candas Sisman/Ilgi Candar/Sena Izgi
    Detail Design: Frederik de Smedt
    Executive Producer:Nerdworking

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