• C.H.E.F. CSA

    C.H.E.F. CSA
    brooklyn NEW YORK

    Honorable Mention – $100

    team: Palette Architecture LLC, Peter Miller, John Sunwoo, Jeff Wandersman

    suckerPUNCH: describe your project.

    Palette Architecture: C.H.E.F. CSA is a repurposing of agricultural production to provide a novel connection to food that fits within the distinct economic and cultural patterns of New York City life. Rather than simply architecturalizing farming within the constraints of an already built environment, the C.H.E.F. CSA is primarily a single-source service provider that allows city dwellers access to high-efficiency farming that is fully customized to gourmet trends and individual tastes; hallmarks of urban culinary traditions.

    sP: what or who influenced this project?

    PA: Our proposal was mostly influenced by recent, high profile works (e.g. the highline, fresh kills park, etc) that repurpose existing urban conditions and use their unique constraints to create novel spaces. Organizations such as the Brooklyn flea, Grow NYC, and various farmer’s markets throughout NYC were models of how communities were reconnecting to agriculture in sophisticated and cosmopolitan ways.

    sP: what were you reading/listening to/watching while developing this project?
    PA:Ken Burns’ Civil War, Breaking Bad, Radio Lab, Watch the Throne, Bon Iver

    sP: whose work is currently on your radar?

    PA:Wyly Theatre, Ford Calumet Environmental Center, Steilneset Memorial

    Jury Comments

    Robert BRACKETT: It is a clear adoption of high density farming which seems to have a great deal of research, but upon closer inspection the projects assumptions about hyper customization and seemingly slack user interaction just don’t mesh with the reality of production agriculture. I think that a high density urban farm center could be a great seed for a more distributed network. This project is confusing complexity with density.

    Lonn COMBS: Clear and elegant scheme.

    Keith VANDERSYS: The project is an interesting spin on the nutritional ‘food pyramid’ wherein the iconic pyramidal section is used to develop a site and building strategy that maximizes food production in dense urban sites. The layout and organization is very well articulated and clearly diagrammed. The seasonal change of crops would make for a lively public space which changes periodically with the shifting cycles of crop patterns.

    Ronnie Parsons: This proposal established a thoughtful and provocative speculation on urban farming that cleverly combines strategies for adapting existing farming practices in addition to capitalizing on the unique cultural components of a neighborhood as diverse and unique as the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The ground in this proposal provides a productive landscape for the cultivation of agriculture while reassessing the potential of the urban farm as a catalyst for cultural exchanges and material effects.

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    • Gijo Paul George Says:

      Great project! Loved it! Just wondering if Mr. Brackett would explain what he means.. to me his comments are ambiguous and probably fails to understand that good ideas can be refined and realized.