• Lunar Crater Cultural Center

    Lunar Crater Cultural Center

    registration begins 7.21.11

    submissions due 12.19.11

    awards: US $2500 total and publication on suckerPUNCH


    [TOP 20]



    Trends in space travel are currently being shifted from government expedition and flexing of technological prowess to a commercial endeavor. Space tourism is projected to expand rapidly in the next decade creating a highly profitable new leisure activity. The Virgin Galactic Spaceport will be completed in the next year as well as several other similar facilities by competing companies. As costs come down and interest rises, the thrill of a zero gravity plane ride will be a top vacation. But who wants to go on a 3 hour flight for 6 minutes of weightlessness when they can go to the moon for a week? Richard Branson has discussed plans to create space hotels as a stopover on the way to the moon. This competition challenges entrants to consider the activities and their architecture that would be waiting on the moon for guests. You can only look at rocks and moon dust for so long, right? How about a low gravity nightclub? Neil Armstrong’s driving range? A theater for a space opera?

    This competition aims to consider what cultural buildings and programs would be exciting and vital for a port stop aboard a space cruise. How would the typologies of Earth mutate or adapt when implemented on the moon? With current or near future technologies would the buildings exist submerged, below, above or floating in relation to the lunar surface? Do floors stack in parallel as gravity dictates on Earth? What is the nature of the skin in terms of maintaining pressure and light control? Is the moon a sacred place full of spaces of quiet contemplation, is it family friendly, is it a place for intellectual enlightenment or is it a mecca for sin?

    The program is up to the entrants. The proposal should contain at least 35,000 sq ft of built space and a port for incoming spaceships. The entries should also consider and imagine how the landscape moon is represented through architectural drawings and renderings.


    The site for the competition is the lunar formation depicted in the photograph. It is up to the entrants to determine the scale of the craters. They can be massive valleys and peaks or small pond like craters. Entrants should consider possible relationships of built elements to the lunar surface. Are they subterranean? Above the ground? Perched on a crater rim? Embedded within a crater? Spanning multiple craters?

    At the discretion of the entrant. Built space should occupy a minimum of 35,000 square feet of the project.


    abigail COOVER (hume coover studio, suckerPUNCH)
    gabriel ESQUIVEL (Theoremas)
    nathan HUME (hume coover studio, suckerPUNCH)
    jimenez LAI (Bureau Spectacular)
    florencia PITA (FPmod)
    david RUY (Ruy Klein)
    Jesse SEPPI (Tronic)
    mike SZIVOS (SOFTlab)
    john SZOT (john szot studio)

    $2500 in prizes will be awarded and the winning designs will be published on suckerPUNCH.


    this is an open ideas competition. entrants will be required to digitally submit two [2] boards at 18” high x 24”wide and 150dpi in tiff format with the provided 5 digit code in a 1”x1” square in the lower right hand corner of each board. image requirements are as follows:
    all necessary site and floor plans to describe the project including at the minimum a ground level plan describingthe form, integration of program and relationship to the site
    *scale is at the discretion of the entrant
    one [1] north/south section
    one [1] east/west section
    *scale is at the discretion of the entrant
    one [1] aerial view
    one [1] exterior
    one [1] interior
    *one rendering best describing the formal and atmospheric intent of the project must be rendered at 10” high x 13” wide and 150dpi in tiff format. this image is to be included on the boards as one of the above views.


    21 September 2011 competition launch
    07 October 2011 deadline for questions
    31 October 2011 answers to questions will be posted on suckerPUNCH
    07 November 2011 early registration deadline
    16 December 2011 registration deadline
    19 December 2011 project submission deadline
    09 January 2012 winners will be posted on suckerPUNCH


    entrants may register by submitting payment to suckerPUNCH via paypal and contact info to once payment and contact info is received, an email will be sent within 48 hours containing the photograph of the site and a 5 digit identification number to be placed in a 1”x1” square on the bottom right corner of each board. the submission procedure will also be outlined in this email.

    early registration fee – $35
    registration fee – $65
    please email any questions to


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    • kc Says:

      total disappointment …

      you might have come with the most exciting competition title for all time – designing a cultural space in extreme circumstances of moon, like low-gravity, high pressure, solar rasiation, etc.

      the competition brief seem to blow our minds… you triggered us by saying the potential uses of low-gravity in spatial organization of the cultural center, whether to attach the design to crater or not, whether to use one crater or multiple crates, how low-gravity would integrate to the internal space organizations of the project… these were the key factors you have outlined in the competition brief, but it seems the ones judging the projects did not even read the brief or even have a basic idea on what it would be like to be on the moon and what are the basic scientific factors of it??

      again i repeat: you had the most exiting competition topic of all time but you totally RUINED EVERYTHING by selecting 5 scrap projects of all time that would not have have anything about being on the moon, did not even designed for the moon…

      -the first honorable mention totaly uses, based on another award-winnig NASA project – contour crafting. if this is what design is all about – entirely pasting an idea wihout even any change or improvement – that go on, you are right…

      -the next mention lacks entirely by means of its conceptual use. why would i use a monastery on the moon. besides the selected project ,when examined entiriley, lacks many things on design-wise and suspected to be a studio project att all…

      -the third prize you have given is just pathetic!! she is even not aware of the size of the site – which is again determined by her. if collecting useless images and photomantage them into a useless rectangular coutyyard represents the advancement of mankind then please go on…

      -the second prize was a real shock or me. i am still loughing at the project and you guys who have selected this piece of stone insede the crater. nonsense…

      -the crowned first prize has some idea but again why did you chose a project that disabled all moon’s different and extraordinary factors like low-gravity, solar radiation? the project totaly seem to eleminate these factors and turn moon in to earth. why a project of re-creating earth on moon wins a magnificent ideas competition?? where is inspiration? where is originality?? i do not mean crazy shapes but come on guys is this how low-gravity handled in a competition like this?? above i mentioned the project seem to eleminate the factor of moon because it can not eliminate those factors with the recommended procedure because moon has not enough magnetic field to produce an earth-like atmosphere, therefore the project is totaly a waste of time…

      but i guess the jury does not have any idea on these basic scientific and physical factors of the moon? i guess you realy do not know anything about moon. i can support my hypothesis with one question, think about this:

      why every project is designed to be in the cartesian geometrical system – in other words why all sections are leveled? what is the point to place something on the moon??

      one more thing, why are all prize winners are grayscale????

      to sum up: TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT !!!

    • LK Says:

      Responding to the previous comment, I agree to a good degree about the selected projects. I hope we have not come down to a state in design competitions where winning is more about rendering and outlandish form rather than solving all the essential criteria with flair.

      And second prize entry was definitely a shock. This entry qualifies even without the so called mandatory requirements. It makes a fool of all the others who included a vast array of drawings to explain their projects. It should have been disqualified because it is not complete. The competition is not just about fancy ideas. There is more to it. It is preposterous to read the judge’s comments as to why they have selected that particular entry even though it is not complete.

    • Pablo Says:

      the winners are not complaining.