• breath green

breath green
    vienna AUSTRIA

    Honorable Mention – $100

    suckerPUNCH: describe your project.

    luis daniel pozo TORRES: By giving to project the right orientation, and developing the surfaces in a way that the most gets exposed to the solar irradiation, both light and solar energy are being collected . The perforations of the floors are oriented so that the light can penetrate the interior minimizing the use of electric energy during the day. Meanwhile the outer skin works as a translucent shell that maintains during the entire year an interior climate conditions proper for farming.

    Laboratories and Academics are distributed in 4 bodies located the north part of the building, acting as a connecting spine of the farming mass, each one with storages for water supply.

    First Idea:A project for Urban Farming in New York , a city which has a large population and no programmed areas for farming , enables the idea of growing vertically and to propose a different type of building that could rationalize the use of ground floor and maximize the use of natural energy by escaping from the given language of the skyline.

    Concept:A living entity that grows, expands, tilts and finally opens itself in order to gather energy from the natural active force of the sun, the final product is a mutation of a plant and the longs of a human body with a spine (science) that tries to escape from the organic (nature) but at the same time gives strength to it.

    sP: What or who influenced this project?

    ldpT: Oscar Niemeyer, Dickson Despommier,

    sP:What were you reading/listening to/watching while developing this project?

    ldpT: Joe Satriany, Dream Teather, Junior Boys, The Who, Octavia

    sP:Whose work is currently on your radar?

    ldpT: Coop Himmelblau, Asymptote, BIG, Herzog + de Meuron, Reiser +Umemoto

    Jury Comments

    Ronnie PARSONS: I was very intrigued by the images on the second board of this proposal. The quality of the interior spaces really speaks to the potential of this entry; however, overall the submission came across as a bit under developed. I would have liked to have seen 2-3 additional images expanding on the qualities of those found on board 2.

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