• house in 3 acts

    house in 3 acts
    los angeles CALIFORNIA

    critic: hernan diaz ALONSO

    suckerPUNCH: describe your project.

    wilson WU / nicholas POULOS / michael GROSS: This project was designed by using a linear story line. A House that plays out in 3 acts. In the beginning the couple is together and lives in their first house. The middle the couple separates. Thus the house modifies and adapts to the change. The narrative ends with a natural disaster of an earthquake that cause the house to make one more shift.

    sP: what or who influenced this project?

    wW+nP+mG: Hernan diaz alonso, Greg lynn, Frank Llyod Wright, Mies Van Der Rohe

    sP: what were you reading/listening to/watching while developing this project?

    wW+nP+mG: Trent Rezner, David Fincher, Christopher Nolan

    sP: whose work is currently on your radar?

    wW+nP+mG: Greg Lynn, Peter Eisenman, Jesse Reiser, Florencia Pita, Hernan Diaz Alonso, Testa Weiser

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    • tmc Says:

      Stunning visual quality and graphics, mediocre design. Would love to see how you propose populating the spaces with furniture/ how one would actually live in the space. That roof plan is beautiful though, once again bravo on the aesthetics.

    • wou Says:

      Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe would be oh so proud! I’m sure they just forgot to also mention their influences from environmentalism … after seeing that Baby’s Breath in there.

    • Lapuh Says:

      Could you explain how Frank Llyod Wright, Mies Van Der Rohe influenced this project?

      Now i know who will do modelling for computer games in couple of years

    • the chang Says:

      stop, Hernan, just stop

      i think we’re seen one too many “empty” architecture that’s purely based on exterior aesthetics, might be cool a few years back, but its getting extremely old by now.

    • Derek Says:

      Do creepy insects, aliens and creatures come with the house design? Living in this house would be incomplete without some of these creatures creeping out from around the corner.. *shudders*

    • rupertkensington Says:

      Why even write about these projects, or name them? Why make them? thye have been done 1000 times before and will keep being done. They don’t need explanation… they are obvious. They are software experiments, they are people trying to impress Hernan diaz Alonso and his minions. I would love these if they were just called ‘experiment #1214’, rather than ‘house’. This isn’t a house and never will be. I would never want to live in a maya scripted/photoshopped masturbation manifestation. The writing makes these projects stupid. Just make them and post the pretty pictures for people to ooo and aahh at, don’t call it architecture, don’t call it a house, and don’t call it innovative.

    • J Dub Says:

      That has got to be one of the best 3-d printed models I’ve seen.

    • Dionysus Says:

      yeah, J-dub, besides the hate, that is one amazing printed model…

    • vans Says:

      I dont believe the story of the couple is their real motivation of design.This is just something like a crazy dream.

    • Mortal Kombat Says:

      ‘maya scripted’ <— if only it was that easy. Love to see people make total fools of them selves when they talk about something they don't know with enormous ignorance and confidence. Bravo Sir!

      Like the project, good luck to you guys 😉

    • Markus Schindler Says:

      This generation of architects is royally screwed.
      Having not the slightest clue nor the slightest interest how to build stuff, how to detail stuff, how to do all the stuff that is essential to become a good architect.
      Once it is rendered and 3D printed they move on to create the next exciting hollow shapes.

      @Mortal Kombat:
      Why don’t you enlighten us beyond the ad hominem and the hollow blahblah and theorizing that is usually being used hide the obvious:
      Emperor’s new clothes.

    • youmom Says:

      ARGHHHHHHH yess we masturbate all over our computer!!! Maya just gets us offf!!!! bathroom details don’t do it like they used to

    • Coolness Says:

      The video is great! It offers a more compelling point of view to thier argument. Worth taking a look.

    • George Says:

      It´s even nice or beautiful!
      It´s even experiment! Where in the hell is experiment here?
      It´s even scripted!
      It´s just dumb & dead 3D modeling in maya!
      This is the best way how to limit humans freedom!
      Every time this humdrum Hernan diaz Alonso stuff!

      Besides all your skills in Maya are amazing.
      If you believe go on, maybe once you build some of these stuff.