• Comic and Animation Museum and Plaza

    Comic and Animation Museum and Plaza
    White Horse Lake HANGZHOU


    The magical island will be a complete experience with natural and artificial features that will play together with the comic museum experience.

    A whole reinvention of the concept of a museum experience, a very brand new concept that will be thought exclusively for the city of Hangzhou and for China; making it become a world unique reference in its field.

    The museum will be very innovative and will attract people of every age not only from china but from all over the globe as a new Chinese attraction park for fantasy and imagination.

    The museum is a landmark that will trigger the complete landscape of white horse lake. a very respectful but at the same time very colorful and recognizable landmark the surroundings will play a very important and interactive role in the project. it will be transformed in some kind of magic land that will enhance the impossible, it will dare the mind to reach unexpected levels of imagination.

    A building that understands the chinese landscape and will turn its immediate surroundings of the white horse lake as famous as the west lake from Hangzhou.


    The magical island has floated upwards in order to improve its relationship with the first phase, allowing a better comprehension and view of the whole complex. The magical island will now be a whole new experience of the imagination in nature, starting from the ramp that will take you down to a underwater underworld. from there visitants will be able to experience underwater views from the lake mixed with giant screens that will project animations from comics all around the world. a double height space will enlarge the vision and the experience, going from underneath a cluster of waterlilies up to the floating baskets. The roof will now be an artificial landscape full of trees and green areas, a new experience in nature. a new garden from where to enjoy the views of the white horse lake.

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    • rupert Says:

      ‘The museum will be very innovative and will attract people of every age not only from china but from all over the globe’

      Is this a joke? Is practicing architecture even a serious discipline anymore? Or do we copy pretty pictures out of magazines and assume these ‘pretty’ projects will actually do good things for the world…

      This sort of architectural determinism is disgusting, I don’t care if these kids are chinese and their english is bad, you just don’t write something like that about what you make. It reminds me of how you can think really hard about your architecture, and someone who gobbles up and shits out what they see on the internet can receive just as much praise.

      This is a confusing profession, but I can’t believe this stuff is for real.

    • Contemporary Says:

      Rupert, unfortunately contemporary processes cannot be simply explained. It’s impossible to judge a performance based on a few images. Yes we live in a media world so pretty images are everywhere and Architecture will always, indefinitely, capture the essence of time. Do you approve of the world we live in today? Maybe that’s someone you should question but do not put down our profession. By the way, we are in what I believe is a paradigm shift in architecture. We are bridging reality with the digital and this will have an affect on our materials, spaces, buildings and eventually cities. Do some research and you will understand that throughout history there have been people like yourself who oppose something new, whether the argument is a social, political or technological agenda. Do you believe the Eiffel Tower was embraced by the people when it was first built? Research the Sydney Opera House. These projects pushed limits beyond comprehension. I say this not because of this particular project (nothing against it) but as a way of understanding contemporary practice. In short, do some contemporary investigations and do not simply criticize a profession in which you obviously know very little about.

    • shaun Says:

      Hey contemporary I think maybe Rupert’s comment was in response to the comment he quoted, which asserted that the unbuilt project would “be very innovcative” and also super popular.

      both of which are kind of odd comments to be making at such an early (also, digital) stage. Simply saying “this building I have designed will be the most amazing building and everyone will love it” isn’t really something that could ever be supported architecturally- at least until the project is built and the Bilbao effect can be observed firsthand, or whatever.

      Show, don’t tell, essentially.

      All the stuff you talked about is neat, too, but I don’t think Rupert was insulting the profession in as intrinsic a manner as you thought. Or, perhaps, at all.