• Social Cave

    Social Cave
    new york NEW YORK

    suckerPUNCH: Describe your project.

    caterina TIAZZOLDI: In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Milano furniture fair, the curator Marva Griffin invited the research Lab Non Linear Solutions Unit at GSAPP at Columbia University to develop a project in response to the question, “In what direction is design heading?”.

    The Social Cave invents new forms of socialization.

    The digital age has dissolved traditional conceptions of space. Whereas socialization once existed entirely within the physical realm, the virtual world has invited new rules and interaction within a previously unavailable dimension.

    Growing virtual connectivity has certainly created a network of unlimited communication pathways. Yet while our social reach has extended, relationships spawned by the web often remain confined to the digital space in which they were initiated.

    The Cave blends the frenzied excitement of virtual connectivity’s power and speed with the calm of its form and materiality, a parametric aggregation of 100% recycled foam cubes.

    The barrier wall separating the two enclosures within the Cave ensures that visitors inhabiting each of those spaces are initially concealed from each other. The presence of a visitor in the opposite space is revealed only through a projection capturing his movements. The physical anonymity created by the enclosure allows each visitor to feel comfortable engaging in a digital and visual conversation with the projected “shadow” or “ghost” of the visitor opposite him. Gestures and personalities are therefore made familiar to each other before the initial physical meeting. Thus, the Social Cave first hides and then exposes the proximity and identity of its visitors, allowing a conversation to begin that transcends traditional digital physical boundaries.


    Additional credits:
    Design Team: B.ryce Suite, D. Cashen, J. Zaratiegui, M. Fassino, V. Roether, A. Robinson, A. Shim, A. Kim, B. Brichta, C. Handal, C. Pope, D. Kaltis, E. Fammartino, E. Kapompasopoulou, E. Iannace, E. Bauer, F. Schmitt , G. Valdes, G. Lalli, H. Lee Oh, J. Choi, J. Dornic, K. Thorn, K. Lents , M. Gonzales, M. Rosso, Y. Kim, S. Ngy

    Photos: Alberto Ferrero

    Marva Griffin Cosmit
    Laura Kurgan Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation GSAPP Columbia University
    Associazione Italiana Polistirene Espanso
    DIPRADI Politecnico di Torino