• BLOP

    seoul SOUTH KOREA

    suckerPUNCH: Describe your project.

    Y Design Office + Hacker Space Seoul: ‘BLOP’ is an interactive installation piece with strings hanging high and low near the ceiling of the venue, holding together a meshwork of balloons. Each of the silver balloons holds a LED module, which will light up when vibration from outside is detected. The ‘BLOP’ bobs over the heads of the partiers, blinking lights of different colors and bringing out the child in everyone in its bounce, character and mystic appearance.

    The ‘BLOP’ was installed within a venue called PLATOON KUNSTHALLE, a place located in the middle of Seoul’s city life, which often hosts fashionable arts and media gatherings. This installation was designed to help social networking for the DALSMA (Digital Architecture and Large Scale Media Art Conference) pre-party. More than two hundred strings tied up to couple dozens of balloons run parallel and crisscross each other, covering the ceiling space between the second and first floor. These bubbles of light bounce along with the people filling in the space and mingle together in the lively network.

    At first the ‘BLOP’ stays in its calculated position as a mesh forming a smooth surface where some strings and balloons suspend lower within the reach of the guests and some hanging higher towards the ceiling. The floating installation tries to playfully counterbalance the existing gravity of the space built by heavy metal container boxes.

    As the party heats up, conversations mount and people start reaching the balloons in excitement to find out that the LED modules in the balloons light up to their touch. The strings tangle with the movement in the house along with the mingling community. Some people even climb to the second floor to pull at the strings. Many bounce up and down to tap on the higher balloons. With time, as the place becomes more and more vibrant, the installation starts to lose its original shape.

    The installation tries to tap into the spontaneous interactions of a social party. It was expected that the people at the gathering would be playing with the balloons but some went further to pull down on the strings or even to pop the balloons to take out the LED lights to play with. All of these interactions were encouraged and the unexpected patterns that emerged throughout the party were its highlight.

    sP: What or who influenced this project?
    Y Design Office + Hacker Space Seoul: The nature, materiality, and human accidents

    sP: What were you reading/listening to/watching while developing this project?
    Y Design Office + Hacker Space Seoul: N/A.

    sP: Whose work is currently on your radar?
    Y Design Office + Hacker Space Seoul: Ruth Asawa, Yves Klein.

    Y Design Office (
    Howard Jiho Kim

    Hacker Space Seoul (
    Jihyun Song, Joona Kim, Kiho Huh, Chihyung Shim, Hyewon Yoon, Mignon Kim, Hee Jung, Jinseo Yoon.

    PHOTOGRAPHS BY: Kiho Huh & Jihyun Song

    PROEJCT FUNDED BY: Seoul Foundation for Arts & Culture (; Arko Art Center (