• [End]eavor’s Game: Museum for the Space Shuttle

    [End]eavor's Game: Museum for the Space Shuttle
    cambridge MASSACHUSETTS

    Harvard GSD
    critic: wes JONES

    suckerPUNCH: Describe your project.

    conway PEDRON: Within the context of the studio taught by visiting critic Wes Jones, the project, a museum for the Space Shutlte Endeavour in Exhibition Park, Los Angeles, was to be thought of as a “game”. Games are distinguished as much by their rules as by the play those rules enable or circumscribe. In architecture the more important rules are not inherited or legislated, but discovered on the fly, in the feeling of rightness that settles over the project as it is refined during the course of design.

    The game’s natural regard for thinking and cleverness will be operationalized through willful, managed design that explicitly articulates relevant issues regarding the choice of games, their rule sets and criteria for success (and modes of failure), as well as the strategies and tactics of play.

    In the case of this design, the primary game played was one of historical interaction and juxtaposition as a means of preservation and additive architectural integration. Following a midterm twist by Wes Jones, a second shuttle, the Russian shuttle Buran, was added to the program, thus creating a duality game that was integrated into the original historical reaction game. This created a new set of relationships that allowed for a potential new reading of the building in the circulation that unveils and reveals through lighting, structure, and color.

    sP: What or who influenced this project?
    cP: Wes Jones, Jordan Hines, Nasa mission reports, Sanford Kwinter, Coop Himmelb(l)au.

    sP: What were you reading/listening to/watching while developing this project?
    cP: Reading: Sanford Kwinter, Ludwig Wittgenstein; Listening: Lucero, Smashing Pumpkins, Tupac; Watching: Battlestar Galactica, Weeds.

    sP: Whose work is currently on your radar?
    cP: Oyler Wu, Yaohua Wang, Snohetta, Morphosis, Howeler+Yoon, Studio Shift.

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    • Ellen Blinder Ross Says:

      Outstanding! Very, very impressive! Good Luck!

    • Holly Poe Says:

      Very impressive!

    • sliwa Says:

      I don understand seems childish maybe designer has no vision. seems to be real crap.

    • James Coleman Says:

      Very impressed. Good work!

    • medebicki Says:

      I love the concept. The explanation is coherent, especially in relation to some of the other projects I have read for this project. It’s interesting that the designer put himself into some of the pictures, (mouse over them.) I guess he can’t wait to play!

    • Jay Gatz Says:

      Amazing! Love the concept, and it in no way appears childish. Beautifully executed,shows the designer has true natural talent. defiantly deserves to win, one of the best options in the running.

    • Elizabeth Connell Sessums Says:

      Very very cool and most impressive.

    • m0m1x Says:

      Awesomesauce!! Gotta love glass enclosure for the shuttles. Very light, makes it seem as if the shuttles are suspended above you by only air.

      To sliwa: What?!?! Are you blind? In no way is this childish at all!! If your going to troll back your comments up.

    • Jillian Says:

      I have to say this my favorite design on the site,it is the aesthetically pleasing rendering. the concept is clearly visualized and exhibited in a very impressive rendering.its clear design not only makes the most plausible design but also the most visually exciting and interesting.

    • sliwa Says:

      “aesthetically pleasing rendering”

      all young architects care about. terrible project for los angeles.
      I am very glad to see a exhibition park museum atrium replace with two space shuttle. one upside down. and an escalator move through space shuttle mall. but where is the gap and jcpennys?? also, glass is not fabric. no sensativity for tectonic. just rtruss and glass everywhere. wait, let me ask spaceshuttle spider what to do? oh, hi space shuttle spidergod- make me a web around space shuttles for my museum, and put escalator to make a museum mall. for stuipid people consume thes shuttles.

    • sliwa Says:

      oh, she like Coop Himelb(l)au/. Make sense now. good project.important for mroe of this kind. and wittingstein. o lord i would like ask this girl some quetsion

    • jflysohighimaneagleinthesky Says:


      I hope the space shuttle spider weaves you into a shitty little web.
      Have you ever watched Peepshow? Probably not.

    • Perry Sansing Says:

      Quite impressive

    • Kim Siedelmann Says:

      Agree. Very impressive. Good luck!

    • mary pegues pettis Says:

      That is just amazing .

    • Amy Blair Says:

      Impressive! Love the design element!

    • Susan Treas Says:

      Outstanding! Good luck!!

    • Mark culcer Says:

      Very impressive! Nice design.

    • ric folk Says:

      Elaborate and impressive

    • Richard Porter Says:

      outstanding design, good luck

    • Unknown Says:

      you clearly have no clue what you are talking about, and should probably refrain from positing comments on websites when you have no true understanding of the material. You’ve posted three comments all with multiple typos, and uninformed opinions, you need to think before speaking, and even more importantly, before you decide to post on someone else’s work. ( I’m sure your project will get the votes it needs no real reason to cut down something that is most likely superior. )

    • Kelly and Mary Martha Allen Says:

      Looks very impressive. Good luck!

    • Ray Still Says:

      You got me with the subject matter! I’ve always been a fan of our Space Program! Very Good Job! I’m impressed!

    • Beverely Thoams Says:

      Amazing, good luck!!

    • Margaret Cooney Says:

      Amazing design and concept! As always, I’m impressed.

    • Vivian Smith Says:

      What a great design to come up with. Keep it going.

    • Julie Fanton Says:

      Looks really cool. I work in Television with designers. It would be great to see it in person! Well done Conway Pedron.