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    critic: devyn WEISER, guest advisor Sir peter COOK

    suckerPUNCH: Describe your project.

    robert GILSON:
    Anti-Air: Air or the invisible atmosphere that surrounds us can be activated as a kind of “anti-air.” Twenty four slaughterhouse workers have reported symptoms of extreme numbness and paralysis. Researchers find that brain mist, a microscopic industrial byproduct, can impair human motor functions when inhaled. The atmosphere was first understood to be a weapon at the 1915 battle of Ypres. German troops deployed chlorine gas to poison the environment of their Canadian opponents. Instead of harming human flesh the environment which sustains life was targeted.

    For German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, the rise of environmental warfare marks a radical departure for the modern mind.
    “Ventilation is the profound secret of existence.”

    Quarantine: Human ambition has surpassed the carrying capacity of the Earth. Quarantena facilitates the divorce of man from nature by exploiting the technological gap that divides the human from the natural. Q is a system for the isolation of environmental deviance. Q is a detainment network housing 1500+ detainees that cohabitate in 300 pods. Q floats within the uncertain atmosphere and above a mechanized earth.

    Owens Valley: Owens Valley is an artificially enforced wilderness within a 14,000 ft. envelope. Surrounded by the western Sierra Mountain range and the eastern Inyo Mountain range, the valley is the deepest in the United States. To protect the Owens River’s diverted resources on their journey to Los Angeles, National Parks and Wildlife reserves insulate the physical and bureaucratic infrastructure that has literally sucked the valley dry.

    sP: What or who influenced this project?
    rG: Peter Sloterdijk, Lee Bontecou, David Maisel, Geoff Manaugh, The Center for Land Use Interpretation. SCI-Arc. U.G. thesis advisors Devyn Weiser and Sir Peter Cook.

    sP: What were you reading / listening to / watching while developing this project?
    rG: Reading Terror from the Air by Peter Sloterdijk; Watching: Safe directed by Todd Haynes; Listening to the album On Isolation by the Australian imprint Room40.

    sP: Whose work is currently on you radar.
    rG: Philippe Rahm

    Additional information and links:

    Animated Narrative
    Complete project

    The Center for Land Use Interpretation. Points of Interest in the Owens River Valley. Culver City, California. 2004
    Sloterdijk, Peter. Interview with Erik Morse. Frieze Magazine. Issue 127 Nov-Dec 2009.
    Inyo County Water Department. “LADP Groundwater Pumping.” Online:
    Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. “Los Angeles Aqueduct: Owens Valley Water /Uses and Pumping.” Online:
    The Center For Land Use Interpretation. Diversions and Dislocations: An Account of the CLUI Bus Tour of the Owens Valley. Newsletter: The Lay of the Land: archives: Summer 2004

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    • Barbara Ganley Says:

      Very impressive drawings! I am a little confused by the project and would like to read more than the short notations above. It sounds facinating. drg

    • Robert A. Wendorf, III Says:

      concept is definitely needed today in real life, the facility could be over-filled if even current laws would be enforced. From the drawings, I would LOVE to see the project built. It reminds me of the movie: “The Martian Chronicles” would be cool in real life.

    • Mark Stratis Says:

      When I saw this project in person it was amazing and out did so many other amazing projects that were presented in the same building. I wish the video was posted that he made because that was so impressive, it gave his drawings way more life. Everyone needs to vote for this, its a done deal this has to go to a big gallery.

    • Debby Unger Says:

      The drawings were so moving, I was very impressed by them. I especially like where they take my imagination every time I look at them. Everyone should vote for this – the colors and concept are wonderful!