• EleMental Workshop

    EleMental Workshop
    barcelona SPAIN & damascus SYRIA

    EleMental Workshop
    Design and fabrication Workshop
    Damascus, Syria. July 1-7, 2012

    suckerPUNCH: Describe your project.

    aref MAKSOUD (MAGLAB): “Art Through The Lens Of War”

    Two years, almost, and we as Syrians live in war. In this climate of anger and fear the question becomes: what is your role as artist and/or Architect? And can we see it in your work?

    Architecture students, performing artists, architects and makeup artisits desired to make a living art from their suffering and death through the war in syria, In this respect, art and architecture became thier only survive and a life against the death and war where they are.

    What does it mean to create poetry in a time of war? What does it mean to create any art during a time of war?
    For us it meant to join again, live and work all together in a workshop with no Sectarianism where too many people and students couldn’t come easily, Where bombs rain down death daily.

    Flying back to our life as architects and artist, Elemental was an life exploration around Elements ”objects” as an expression of a multiplicity of conditions (structural, material, formal, cultural, spatial) and the mean by which multiple issues (such as modulation, differentiation and cultural expression) are deployed.

    sP: What or who influenced this project?:
    aM: Natural structures, digital origami, Folding Architecture. Elena Manferdini, theverymany.

    sP: What were you reading/listening to/watching while developing this project?:
    aM: Reading Digital Architecture Now, Contemporary Digital Architecture: Design and Techniques.
    Listening to The Godfather soundtrack. Watching Neri Oxman’s lecture “On Designing Form,” the n ews

    sP: Whose work is currently on your radar?:
    aM: Zaha Hadid, Philip Beesley, AA school of architecture, ESARQ “UIC.”

    Additional credits and links:

    Workshop Organization:
    MAGLAB, Authorized Training Center of McNeel (Robert McNeel & Associates–
    United States) in Middle East,
    Visitor LAB of architecture, College of architecture, fine arts and design
    AIU “Arab International University”, Syria
    Assistant LAB of Biodigital Master and PHD program, EsArq – UiC (Universitat
    Internacional de Catalunya), Spain.

    Workshop director:
    MArch.Aref Maksoud
    MAGLAB Director, Visitor professor of architecture, College of architecture, fine arts and design, AIU “Arab International University”, Syria. Assistant professor of Biodigital Master and PHD program, EsArq – UiC (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya), Spain.

    Workshop Tutors and guests:
    M.Arch.Jawad Al Asaad
    Faculty of architecture at Damascus university / Assistant professor in architectural design.

    Dr Prof.MHD Yasser Al Ayoubi / University of Birmingham, and Oxford, UK
    PhD. (Advanced Engineering in Automated production Systems)
    MSc. in Intelligent Manufacturing Systems

    Makeup Art By: MAGLAB Makeup Artist Sarab Rikabi”Art and stage makeup artist / Milano, Italy.

    Workshop Participants: Dina Bag, Sally Knaifed, Nour al Makkawi, Saeed Karakandy, Salma Abd-al Razak, Samar Al Masri, Rafah Trad, Dima al Kassas, Elbrous Hamash, Dana Abed, Monther Al Sayed, Mhd Rashed al Tinawi, Tarek al Deeb, Modar Obaid, Baraa Salloum, Nouhad al Saoub, Rebal Jber, Modar Solieman, Majd Aizouki, M.Hazem al Saman.

    MAGLAB Trainees: Ahmad Kattan, Hassan Youssef, Katia Saade, Majd Murad, Radwan Malakani, Rama Shehade.

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