• Tsunami – Urban Furniture

    Tsunami - Urban Furniture
    beijing CHINA & munich GERMANY

    suckerPUNCH: Describe your project.

    WAX Architects (nikolaus WABNITZ & xu FENG): In the galleries of the artist community of CaoChangDi Beijing, Tsunami Urban Furniture is forged by the force of a powerful wave—the formation of this public furniture object “Tsunami” flows between sharp corners to reshape the gallery space.

    Tsunami is creating a spatial transformation from the hard elements of the context to the fluid formation of the object itself where nature’s forces create a constant feedback between environment and artificial entities.

    It also provides the opportunity for people to sit and relax and meet, changing the users’ spatial and tactile experience through a topological transformation.

    WAX Architects is a research based architecture firm based in Munich and Beijing, founded by Nikolaus Wabnitz and Feng Xu. WAX is operating in architecture, art, education and diffusion, engaging these fields via encoded and explicit processes. WAX’s work is investigating and reflecting the problems of social-economy and ecology in the process of the rapid urbanization in Asia and around world.

    sP: What or who influenced this project?
    WAX Architects: Forces and nature.

    sP: What were you reading/listening to/watching while developing this project?
    WAX Architects: Listening to The Beach Boys, Monolake, Console, Vitalic, Zeds Dead; watching David Attenborough, Pointbreak, The Endless Summer.

    sP: Whose work is currently on your radar?
    WAX Architects: Monolake, Thomas Demand, and Andreas Gursky.

    Additional credits:
    Sponsor&Fabricator: EGROW Shanghai


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