• MOBILIciTY: Tirana Multimodal Station

    MOBILIciTY: Tirana Multimodal Station
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    suckerPUNCH: Describe your project.

    Alda ÇAPI BLACK & Chris MASICAMPO: Charged with establishing easier connections to the main activities and services in the heart of the city of Tirana, the proposal is a hybrid design that combines a transportation center with recreational facilities. It allows commuters to navigate fluidly among different modes of transportation—light rail, commuter rail, buses, cars and bicycles—and offers opportunities for people to shop, eat, work and play.

    The site, at a distance from the city center, incorporates a hotel and office tower and many community amenities: event venues, park, soccer field, tennis courts, swimming pools, and cafes. A retail spine unifies the diverse program and creates transitional space between horizontal and vertical. Undulating bands modulate natural light, and the tower contributes density as well as iconography. In keeping with the scale of the city, the design creates a commuter and communal hub resonant with the future development of Tirana.

    sP: What or who influenced this project?:
    ACB & CM: The context, program; a painting; design exploration and process.

    sP: What were you reading/listening to/watching while developing this project?:
    ACB & CM: Watching Inception.

    sP: Whose work is currently on your radar?
    ACB & CM: . . .

    Additional credits and links:
    We would like to give thanks to nephew.

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    • fulvio wirz Says:

      I think it is a major lack of humility and also very rude not admitting that Zaha Hadid Architects work has a big influence on this project. That’s to be polite, since i think this design is completely taken from the classical ZHA repertoire.

    • Alda Çapi Black Says:

      Of course Zaha and others have had an influence on most of us; however, geometry, architectural language and operations are not proprietary information. As the next generation of architects our intentions are to design, create, invent, and that is exactly what we have done with this project.


    • System Says:

      @ fulvio wirz: This won first place in a competition. FIRST PLACE!? What does this say about architecture competitions or more importantly, competition juries?

    • Alda Çapi Black Says:

      Are you from Zaha’s office as well?

      Your comments are very superficial and do not mean anything! You are not saying anything critical about the project, besides being a jerk.

      Mean-spirited comments are not welcome!