• Workshop: Parametric Interactions

    Workshop: Parametric Interactions
    kiev UKRAINE

    Kyiv National University of Architecture and Construction
    critics: Iurii KAYGORODTSEV, Andrew MOGYLNYI, Tanya ZABAVSKA, & Kirill TSUMAN

    suckerPUNCH: Describe your project.

    Roman SAKH, Konstantin KUCHABSKYI, Liubov TITARENKO, Anastasia FEDAN, & Anastasia TKACHENKO: From October 22nd to 16th 2012, Kyiv National University of Architecture and Construction held a workshop within the framework of the conference “Contemporary Education.” Organized by the team of KG’MG Architects, the main topic of workshop was using Autodesk Maya software for the design of architectural objects.

    The first step was as a series of lectures designed to provide participants with tools (software) for modeling, the basics of direction of particles by the action of external forces, and for methods of simulation of physical processes in Maya. Lectures were led by Iurii Kaygorodtsev, Tanya Zabavska, Andrew Mogylnyi, and Kirill Tsuman. The principal aim was to acquire skills in using of digital methods to optimize the architectural spaces and structures.

    Examples were given by Frei Otto method of minimizing the ways (simulation sticking threads) and receiving of minimal surfaces (simulation of physics of materials).

    Frei Otto’s method was used in first task to identify the pattern of spots which are more free from flows of people. Participants were invited to use one of the chosen spots to situate their own version of the bench.
    The second task was to design the form of public space in the backyard of the university. To do this participants used the method of minimal surfaces. Assignments were performed independently of each other. Participants provided a number of options from which by the general vote has been selected the best one option in both tasks for future distribution.

    The project of multifunctional bench was designed by students of KNUCA Roman Sakh and Konstantin Kuchabskyi . The main idea in the project was to create the object which includes a variety of different functions of the public space in the university hall. Starting points in modeling of the bench were different scenarios of using the object. The variety of chosen scenarios formed the basic of creation of geometrical sections of the object. Sequence of the sections made it possible to create a single volume subordinate (which depend to) fluid geometry.

    To streamline the production process there was chosen the method of splitting the object layer by layer. The segments were cut by CNC technology from plywood sheets by prepared vectors. Resulting elements are fastened together with thread rods which are uniformly distributed over the cross section segments of the bench to ensure its sustainability.

    The project of public space was designed by Anastasia Fedan, Anastasia Tkachenko and Liubov Titarenko. In this project were used the method of minimal surfaces. Starting with simple form was created the element that determined the shape of the final structure. Physical simulations by using rest length scale allowed to choose the best option of the geometry. The general structure of the object was created through the popularization of the resulting element. Due to the geometry final structure received a variety of leisure activities in a public space.
    The project was realized by using the 3d printing technology in 1:50 scale.

    sP: What or who influenced this project?
    RS, KK, LT, AF, & AT: We consider that it is very important not only to self-develop, but to share our experience with the younger generations. We are inspired by numerous examples of such sharing throughout the world.

    sP: What were you reading/listening to/watching while developing this project?
    RS, KK, LT, AF, & AT: Watching The Big Bang Theory, Discovery. Listening to Adele, Florence, Blue Foundation.

    sP: Whose work is currently on your radar?
    RS, KK, LT, AF, & AT: UNStudio, Neoarchaic, Asymptote.

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