• the philosopher, the believers & z’shell-ter

    the philosopher, the believers & z’shell-ter
    mumbai INDIA

    What could be the relationship between these antagonist forces, from a strategy of speculation re-questioning the order of discourse, to theology and religious rhetoric, where emerges a figure… from their encounter… from the contradictory zones of the believers and unbelievers?

    “The philosopher, the believers & z’shell-ter” w/ François ROCHE, Bijoy JAIN, Zasha COLAH, & Sumesh SHARMA
    Friday, 02/15
    6.30 pm / Studio Mumbai
    Kitab Mahal, Fourth Floor
    192 D.N. Road
    Fort Mumbai, 400 001

    This interstice, this crack between two dimensions, two interpretations of the world’s logic (if there is one…), seems to be a territory with its own systemic values, transactional and transitory, as a fragile monkey-bridge joining the antagonist verticalities and their opposites in a shaping relation between power and knowledge.

    For example, in the Indian culture, we could approach the Bhaghavad Gita through a multitude of interpretation (especially on the fight between the two brothers): from a fairy tale to a religious report, from moralistic speeches to a pitch for Bollywood production, from a sacred scripture to a philosophical and psychological questioning of the notion of identity, duplicity, integrity, consciousness and being.

    The round table will be the occasion to open forbidden doors and discourses, on the logic and ill-logic of things, on the relation between reason and madness, on the distribution of knowledge between the new world bourgeoisie tabula-rasa (consuming, acting, speaking, Facebooking …) and the singularities of a territory (with its ghosts and daemons, its hopes and dark sides… of the initial cultural bouillon).

    In the background, underneath of this interrogation, a more crucial question slowly reveals itself: Can we foresee for India, (as is happening everywhere,) the invasion of the autistic over-designed international architecture, following eastern countries such as China, Thailand, Singapore… with no other identity than the personification of post-capitalism meanings, values and designs’ sprawling…

    Or is India able to create the specificity of its development, by extracting substances from its history, its alive polytheism, its democratic turbulence, its intrinsic relationships between narration and technologies (from sophisticated hand-made to computing fabrication, from the traditional transmission of know-how to programming machines and behaviors).

    Could we plan a situationist activism in terms of production, which would combine expertise, recognition of the needs and conflicts, but also lines of subjectivity extracted from the polyphonic listing above…

    The second part of the event is the little show presenting “z’shell-ter”.

    It is a story of the owner of a large library in Gokarna, he collected 100 000 books about philosophy, psychology, some on palm leaves… He is a Brahman…but because of this huge rare collection he has been rejected a long time ago from Gokarna village as an agnostic or atheist collector in a very religious Hindu zone….

    The collection has been preserved in a new building on the top of the village by alien fund…which will open soon as an incredible public library (the Study Circle). But at the same time it has aroused the jalousie and hate from village… he commissioned to find a way, to do something or anything in order to recreate the link …similar to the excerpts Bhaghavad Gita of the Mahabharata, when Krishna helps one brother to engage the war against the other one…as a representation of the conflict of his own self-indulgence…
    In this sense, a small structure able to soak trough interstices between the philosopher and the believers…. able to trap their symmetrical self-confidence and self-indulgence, has been completed as equal distance from both locations. This illusion-catcher is open to be used by the both side…

    The Brahmans in charge of temple came and validated this singularity, in charge to collect human pathologies, on one side the beliefs and certitudes of the community, and on the other the arrogant loneliness of the philosopher…

    That is a true story and the old man in the movie is the owner of the library… as a report, a “mockumentary” of the situation.

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