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    Terra Insola
    crete GREECE

    The barrier of Schengen was since a long time considered as a fortress. We did not remember exactly when this fence became for European citizen their own jail . . . inverting the preliminary reason of its constitution, to protect them against the world . . . Now it appears to be the revenge of an historical illusion. . . .

    “Terra Insola” with François ROCHE, Ezio BLASETTI, Stephan HENRICH, Camille LACADÉE, Danielle WILLEMS, Lydia KALLIPOLITI, & Andreas THEODORIDIS
    06/07–07/07 2013
    Crete, GREECE

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    Out of this lost empire, out of this fortress maintaining the nostalgia of their late loftiness, life mutated into another system of negotiation, where a few people with the alibi of democracy are no longer deciding, through a populist delegation of power, the destiny of the others. . . .

    We heard that a small zone within the zone, located in a sort of fortress within the fortress is still a territory where the last “European” took refuge. . . .

    The main actor, a kind of Robinson Crusoe will construct his own escape from inside, as a topological inversion… similar to Boccaccio’s Decameron, in 1348, where a few people were exorcising the inevitable plague of the black death by an extra-vitalism of story-telling, between eroticism and tragedy. . . .

    The architectural project and the fictional short movie will be done by 20 students and 7 authors. We will report this anomaly… through an infiltration in this zone next June… with a making-off as mocumentary. . . .

    The movie and the (LAByrinth) construction are working as a siamese co-production . . . from mythology to retro-future.

    To optimize production and develop knowledge, we will work on:

    . Research (material in situ expertise, know-how, political and cultural involvements, rituals, literature, mythology, extraction-transformation, symbiosis)

    . Process – computation (logic of aggregation, scattering, staggering, stacking, with variable components, on Rhino Grasshopper and Python scripting)

    . Material experiment – ceramics and glass blowing (prototyping, tests of resisting and decay, strategy of construction and destrcution, machinism and robotic developments)

    . Report (photography, recordings and film / stop motion during all the process of construction)

    The work days life will be balanced between computation and hands-on work in situ (local knowledge, memories and know-how knitted with global tooling, computation and machinism) as exogeneous-endogeneous apparatuses. We will do some excursion, for researches and film-making, to crafts villages around, ancient palaces (ceramics of Knossos) and mount Ida.

    A machine will be designed dedicated to a non repetitive component which is able to be re-introduced as a non-standard process to create the geometry of a shell-ter (specific “agencements” and assemblage in the pursuit of the ceramic ornamentation of the Minos Castle, embedded in a computation procedure).

    A team will work on the fictionalization of this one month experience, in a scenarized report, making-off… (20 mn)

    And a fictional movie will be pitched, scenarized, shot and pre-edited, around the LAByrinth as a siamese production (20 mn) – read more on forking paths for scenario here

    Conditions of production///
    The design of the construction, the scenario, shooting and pre-editing of the movie will be both done during this DIY-Movie workshop, as an adventure of simultaneous teaching-production process between all participants, as a sharing of knowledge, intentions and credits.

    This project (design, process, researches, documentation, construction, etc.) will entirely emerge from the collaborative work of our group, as a unique and engaged realization.

    Blurring the limits between students and instructors, we will define together a strategy of co-responsibility and co-authorship.

    Course offered///
    Political and Critical Thinking (influences / mythologies / researches / documentaries)
    Scripting – Rhino Grasshopper / computation meanings and protocols
    Robotic logic / behavior-design
    Film series – the Double (splitting identities)

    20 students selected on CV/portfolio from anywhere on the planet

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