• Three’s a crowd

    Three’s a crowd. Photo by Maxi SPINA.
    los angeles CALIFORNIA

    June 02, 2013—On The Road, TEMPLE @ ALAMEDA

    “Three’s a crowd” surveys the intricacies present amongst conjoined architectural triplets through a simultaneous exploration in form, color and geometry. This uncanny tripartite scheme gives way to a palimpsest of projective systems, which exposes the conspicuous intimacy existing amid inseparable compound bodies, entwined graphic marks and interlocked chromatic modulation. The trio resonates toward the optical limit and defines an emergent spatial aliasing, stressing even further the indivisible tone of the composition.

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    Exhibition Title: “Three’s a crowd”
    MSA: Maxi Spina Architects
    Principal: Maxi Spina
    Assistants: Gevo Aelian and Elizabeth Fernandez

    Photos: Jaime Kowal.


    On the Road’s first event will take place at Temple @ Alameda in downtown Los Angeles on June 2, 2013 from
    12-6pm as a flotilla of U-Haul trucks turned impromptu galleries. This one day exhibition will present work by 17
    studios and individuals, each invited to show-and-tell a project they are currently working on. Participants are
    exploring intellectually charged ideas through architecture and capturing the experimental spirit of Los Angeles. The
    projects presented exist in flux and are activated by a high level of conviction, critical thinking, and playful rigor. The
    intention is to unpack ideas, concepts, and tropes signaling a shift in attitude, conceptual framework, and introduce a
    new set of hinge points and methodologies that drive the present.

    Participants include Andrew Kovacs, Bryony Roberts, Curt Gambetta, Foundation for Architecture and Design, First
    Office, House of Style, Joe Alguire Workshop, BUREAU SPECTACULAR / Jimenez Lai, Jonathan Louie, Maxi Spina Architects, Michael Faciejew, Paul
    Stoelting, Studio Bonner + Stayner Architects, Rowen Studio, T8projects, Vacation Projects, Wedgeworthy, and

    1. A yearlong series of architecture, art, and design programs intended to frame a moment in time within the
    contemporary context of the city of Los Angeles. Each program will take place at a distinct venue throughout the city.
    2. A vehicle for advancing the positions of young architects, artists, and designers, and at times blurring their
    distinctions and encouraging them to carpool.
    3. An extension of the rich history of experimentation in Los Angeles for artists and architects alike, with a focus on
    exploiting potentialities within current lines of investigation and processes.
    4. A platform for new ways of thinking and making in Los Angeles that engages both a discipline and culture with
    contemporary ideas about architecture, design, and art.
    5. A movement in direction with a conversive group of colleagues; acknowledging that there are shared interests and
    overlaps, but also distinct personalities and pursuits. The series is invested in dialogues.

    While history does not authorize the work, nor do we intend to live in the past, On the Road acknowledges Thom
    Mayne’s series of 10 exhibitions at “Architecture Gallery” in 1979, The Charlottesville Tapes conference and the
    founding of Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York in 1982 as important and influencing projects that have
    propelled us to want to go On the Road.

    Organized by Danielle Rago / Curator, Courtney Coffman / Editor, Jonathan Louie / Protagonist, and James
    Michael Tate / Instigator.

    For inquiries, please contact Find us on Facebook at On The Road Project LA and Twitter @OTRprojectLA.

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