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    Instant Installation. Photo courtesy Anastasios MENTIS. Pictured: Krystal BUTLER.
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    The Non-Linear Solution Unit (NSU) at GSAPP Columbia University and Interni Magazine feature the project Instant Installation, winner for the University of Memphis Art Museum in the occasion of the Art Lab Installation. Developed by a group of international students and guided by Caterina Tiazzoldi, Instant Installation explores architecture’s capacity to adapt and be reconfigured for different uses and locations with a unique spatial experience and a highly innovative yet cost efficient assembly type. It is a product reinventing the material, social, and educational possibilities of temporary exhibit spaces, creating visitor involvement into the space.

    It is a space articulator which defines and organizes public and semipublic spaces, informing the space with an adaptive boundary between spatial interiority and urban exteriority.

    Realized with colored rubber strings and CNC fabricated wooden rails, the Instant Installation configuration is a spatial generator which moves for an exhilarating adjustable space, continuously revealing and hiding the presence of the other people. The form enables a playful engagement with the visitor and the space where visitors are absorbed by the geometry and layering of materiality, conceived to encourage and to solicit the visitors’ curiosity and reactions.

    Instant Installation explores the idea of physical enclosure and the relations the social interaction it can implies. It challenges the boundary between a product and architecture while having the capacity to generate, articulate and transform spaces. Quick to install, Instant Installation is realized with parametric techniques and a computer numeric control manufacturing process permitting to quickly produce prefabricated customized rails. The installation is a customizable product which can be easily carried in a bag. Each user can select a nesting technique of the wires and can therefore define its own level of transparency, enclosure and privacy.

    /// Assembly Logic

    Instant Installation is realized with latex tubing and wooden rails that articulate the space. These rails are products directly importable from an adaptive parametric 3D model. This technique allows for a very precise geometric set and, in this way, it is possible to achieve and install a complex geometry with ease. The rail system can be quickly plugged into the space allowing the whole structure to be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily.

    /// Venues

    May 18th 2013
    Studio X New York
    Installing Instant Installation on view during New York Design Week.
    Non-Linear Solutions Unit GSAPP + Interni

    May 20th 2013
    Studio X New York
    Opening talk for Instant Installation during New York Design Week.
    The interaction between product design and the future of the cities.
    A conversation moderated by Mark Wigley, Dean Of Columbia University’s GSAPP, with Marva Griffin (Curator of Salone Satellite), Gilda Bojardi (Editor in Chief, Interni), Paola Antonelli (Senior Curator, Department of Architecture and Design, MoMA), and Caterina Tiazzoldi (Director of the Non Linear Solutions Unit).

    May 21st 2013
    2:00 – 6:00 pm curetted dance performance
    Studio X New York
    A dance seminar and performance was held within Instant Installation, on view during New York Design Week. Co-Curators Caterina Tiazzoldi, architect and director of the Non Linear Solutions Unit at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation at Columbia University, and Kim Jones, choreographer and Assistant Professor of Dance at University of North Carolina at Charlotte and former dancer with the Martha Graham Dance Company, created a Forum for Architecture and Dance at Studio-X NYC. Several NYC-based choreographers, dancers, and musicians, and actors were offered a platform to interact with the architecture “Instant Installation”. This was an opportunity for artists to workshop, test, try new material, explore new possibilities, perform and to meet future collaborators. Artists brought their creative ideas as material and improvised within the installation and space.

    Event Partcipants: Kim Jones, Davis Sanella, Yung Yung Tsuai Lerner, Xiao Chuan Xie, Zhiwei Zha, Yahui Lu, Gunaglei Hui, Megan Curet, Krystal Butler, Carrie Ellmore Tallistch, Martin Lofnes Director of 360 Dance, PeiJu Chien Pott, Justin Tornow, Melinda Faylor, Aquila Theater http://aquilatheatre, Josephine Yeh, Gaby Rendon, Rafael Molina, and Edgar Cortes, director of the Edger Cortes Dance Theater

    June 6th 2013 –September 20th
    University of Memphis Art Museum Opening

    /// Credits

    Project Leader: Caterina Tiazzoldi [NSU]
    Teaching Assistant : Amy Mares
    Coordination: Christos Constantinou, Eleni Gianpapa, Andriana Marie Koutalianou

    Students: Pablo Costa, Katia Marie Davidson, Della Krantz, Sanhoi Lam, Elham Morovvati, Trent Oatman, Mehemt Doruk Ozdemir, Yang Shu, Yeh-Sen Su, Lanxi Sun, Iris Wang, Jiaqi Xu, Shu Yang, Sun Yifu, Ruomei Zhang, Chen Zheng, , Fabio Ullasci, Andrea Sapei, Zach Chapman, Giulia Franchello, Eugenio Rubbo

    Collaborators: Fabio Ullasci, Andrea Sapei Zach Chapman, Giulia Franchello, Eugenio Rubbo
    Acknowledgments: Alessandra Orlando, Laura Kurgan, Nicola Twilley, Carlos Solis
    Partner: Interni Magazine – Technical Sponsor: Associated Fabrication

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