• New Skins Winter 2014: Brumal Bodies

    New Skins Winter 2014: Brumal Bodies.
    brooklyn NEW YORK

    A 10-day workshop under the direction of Francis Bitonti, where students will learn the tools and theory of computational design processes as they relate to Fashion design.

    workshop: “New Skins Winter 2014: Brumal Bodies” with Francis BITONTI
    4.00–8.00 p.m. / Metropolitan Exchange
    33 Flatbush Avenue, 6th Floor
    Brooklyn, NY 11217


    Courses will introduce students to the tools and software needed to design and fabricate complex geometry. In addition to a schedule of courses, students will collaborate with Francis Bitonti Studio on the production of a 3D printed garment in the form of a working design studio environment.

    Design Studio Brief
    We will use 3D printing and computational design techniques to explore new methods and techniques, focused on creating volume around the body. We will be examining operations for creating volume such as pleating and folding to generate an excess of surface area. These explorations in digital design processes and material exploration will result in the application to a 3D printed garment that will be designed and fabricated with the design team from Francis Bitonti Studio.

    Introduction to Maya / Instructor TBA
    Introduction to Rhino / Instructor TBA
    Introduction to Grasshopper and Processing / Instructor TBA
    Introduction to Z-Brush / Instructor: Francis Bitonti
    Aesthetics of Computation / Instructor: Francis Bitonti
    Design Studio / Instructor: Francis Bitonti


    Day 1: Jan 8
    Introduce instructors
    Introduce Studio Project
    Software Training /// Maya

    Day 2: Jan 9
    Software Training /// Maya / Rhino

    Day 3: Jan 10
    Software Training /// Maya / Rhino Day

    Day 4: Jan 11
    Software Training /// Processing / Grasshopper
    Design Studio with Francis Bitonti

    Day 5: Jan 12
    Software Training /// Processing / ZBrush
    Design Studio with Francis Bitonti

    Day 6: Jan 13
    Software Training /// Processing
    Aesthetics of Computation
    Design Studio with Francis Bitonti

    Day 7: Jan 14
    Design Studio with Francis Bitonti

    Day 8: Jan 15
    Design Studio with Francis Bitonti

    Day 9: Jan 16
    Design Studio with Francis Bitonti

    Day 10: Jan 17
    Design Studio with Francis Bitonti


    About Francis Bitonti
    Francis Bitonti is ushering in a new manufacturing paradigm through his innovative use of computational design techniques and emerging manufacturing technologies. “I see technology as deeply connected to being human.” says Bitonti, the multi-disciplinary designer and founder behind Francis Bitonti Stu-dio. Bitonti’s design process is a blend of cutting edge digital design and manufacturing technologies, aimed to transform mass production. Looking instead to the future of manufactur-ing; mass customization, Bitonti sees computational design, smart materials, and interactive environments as opportunities to create new aesthetic languages for our built environment and he has taken that vision and applied it to a wide range of disciplines ranging from architecture to product design to fashion. Francis Bitonti’s work has been published in outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, V Magazine, Wired, and The New York Daily News and continues to garner global recognition. Francis Bitonti currently lives New York where he runs his design practice.

    About The New Skins Workshop Series
    The New Skins Workshop series began Summer 2013 in Brooklyn, New York. The intensive design/ prototyping workshop, hosted at the Pratt Institute DHARC and led by designer Francis Bitonti, ran as a three-week course and included a presentation to a panel of critics and industry experts including architect and designer Vito Acconci, mononymic fashion designer Jona from INAISCE, and repre-sentatives from MakerBot, leading up to the fmal realization of the ‘Verlan Dress’. Francis Bitonti explains, ‘The workshop is about fmding the new aesthetic formal language of this new manufacturing paradigm. It’s not just about replicating a form from the computer, though that is part of it-it’s about cultivating new material behaviors.”

    The ‘Verlan Dress’ was covered in outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Core77, Just Style, and Dezeen.

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