• Blindspot Initiative

    Blindspot Initiative.
    los angeles CALIFORNIA

    Exhibiting and sharing the work and research of a range of designers, each redefining the blurry landscape of their disciplines.

    Away from convention, embracing chaos and clarity
    We chose Blindspot as our moniker because it implies radicality on the one hand, suggesting work that escapes conventions, but on the other hand implies skepticism and caution. We recognize that our scope is always partial and incomplete, and yet there is daring, even in its unacknowledged embryonic stages.



    The Blindspot Initiative emerges from this tension, inviting cross-discipline collaboration between practices at their various stages of development, inviting the emergence of a clearer vision.

    Ten emerging artists/designers/architects have come together, offering the Blindspot Initiative as the dissemination of our research, the exploration of our work in a group exhibition, and a series of intensive workshops.

    Beyond competition, towards collaboration
    Our group of artists/designers/architects have found that experimenting outside the conventions of traditional practice or those modes recognized by potential clients/developers makes it difficult to get commissions relevant to the research we conduct. Like us, many designers turn to competitions, an unsustainable model that promotes secrecy and produces only one “winner.”

    Rejecting the exclusive, winner takes all mentality of competitions as a means of displaying new work, we invited emerging architects, artists and designers to come together as equals in the Blindspot: a group exhibition.

    Group exhibition, inviting discussion and interaction
    The exhibition is the heart of the Blindspot Initiative, presenting work on a neutral ground to encourage conversations and practice which lives outside the conventions of typical design outputs and practices.

    Blindspot: a group exhibition will be on view at Keystone Art Space February 8-19, 2014, in concert with a series of talks, allowing presenters to elaborate on their work and engage in a dialog with each other and the viewers.

    Preference to propagated, not proprietary knowledge
    We have open-source ethos, drawing inspiration from cross-disciplinary collaboration and we want to include you in the discussion and exploration.

    With your support Blindspot Initiative not only allows designers to create new work, but also produce a new knowledge base and the advancement of different techniques and ideas, all of which may be shared with others.

    We see the opportunity to create a virtuous cycle between the exhibitors and you, Blindspot Initative supporters. We are committed to spreading the knowledge behind the work by providing clear video documentation and a thorough exhibition catalog, available in eBook, paperback, and deluxe hardback formats, and through a series of workshops.

    Workshops for exploration, sharing and collaborating
    An essential part of the Blindspot Initiative are three weekends of outstanding Blindspot Workshops. Each exhibitor is offering two six hour sessions wherein supporters will be able to experience the ideas directly from the creators. The line up of Blindspot Workshops covers a wide range of architecturally driven topics: game design, visualizing data, Processing, robotics, inflatables, Maya, inventing landscapes, visualizing sound…our exhibitors will be sharing their techniques and practices as well as collaborating with participants.

    Artists / Designers / Architects exhibiting and offering workshops:

    – Behnaz Farahi
    – Catherine Griffiths
    – Nicholas Hanna
    – Michael Kontopoulos
    – Plethora Project / Jose Sanchez
    – Luis Quinones
    – Zach Schoch
    – Myles Sciotto
    – Somewhere Something / Sacha Baumann, Biayna Bogosian, Jason King
    – Satoru Sugihara

    Workshops Details:
    Workshops will be done in Keystone Gallery in the city of Los Angeles, California. They will be 2 day intense learning exploring at unconventional workflows and ideas.