• UTSA College of Architecture, "F²." Photo: Doug FLETCHER.
    san antonio TEXAS

    F² is a spruce wood and plastic grid installation, designed and fabricated by UTSA College of Architecture’s graduate students under the direction of Andrew Kudless and Kevin McClellan. F² was fabricated and installed in San Antonio’s Travis Park. . . .

    photos: Doug FLETCHER.

    Designed and fabricated by UTSA College of Architecture’s graduate students under the direction of Andrew Kudless, Director of Matsys and the 2014 Dean’s Distinguished Visiting Critic at UTSA, and Kevin McClellan, co-director at TEXFAB and lecturer at UTSA. F² was fabricated and installed in San Antonio’s Travis Park, a newly revitalized green space originally established as Travis Plaza in 1870. Located in the southeastern quadrant of the park adjacent to the historic St. Anthony Hotel, F² is on display for three months and the first installation in a rotating public art program in Travis Park.

    F² is made from the simplest of materials: 1/2”x2”wood assembled into a grid shell, covered in folded plastic panels that capture the light. Spanning more than 50’ with only 2” of material thickness, the installation is assembled with over 4800 linear feet of spruce bolted together using over 1000 nuts and bolts, 2600 washers and 760 CNC cut Coroplast folded panels. Footings were water jet cut from 1/2’ steel plate and welded up and attached to 20 30” screw piles. Fabricating the individual parts over two weeks and installing the work piece by piece into its final form in 5 days, all done by UTSA graduate students with the aid of 13 volunteers.

    Conceived by 14 graduate students during the 2014 Spring semester, F² is a research project that began through formal studies exploring: minimal surfaces, inflatables, branching, cellular structures and centenaries that eventually evolved into the grid shell project and a realized full-scale prototype. Structural design support in the research was performed by David Shook of SOM San Francisco, while the final design engineering was done by Datum Engineers.

    Project funding for the Travis Park installation of F² came from generous donations and specific entities within the City of San Antonio, specifically the Department for Creative and Cultural Development and the City Center Development Office. Client guidance and support came from Executive Director Felix Pardon, of the DCCD and Colleen Swain, Assistant Director at the CCDO.

    40′ wide x 40′ long x 15′ high

    Materials include:
    1″ x 4″ spruce wood, galvanized bolts, Coroplast panels, steel and cables


    F2 Travis Park institutional sponsors:
    Department of Culture and Creative Development, City of San Antonio: Felix Pardon, Frank Villani, Sara Yates
    City Center Development, City of San Antonio: Colleen Swain, Troy Houtman, Bill Pennell, Tonya Baum, Veronica Gonzalez
    College of Architecture, University of Texas at San Antonio: Dr. John Murphy, Dr. Vincent Canizaro, Sue-Ann Pemberton, John Delahunt, Nancy Wood

    Design instructors: Andrew Kudless, CCA Kevin McClellan, UTSA

    Project design team: Jesus Baray, Maria Cortez, Roxanna Del Valle, Juan Carlos Dominguez, Alvaro Jose Espino, Sara Davenport, Martha Peralta, Aleksandr Mikhailov, Andres Mulet, Troy O’Connor, Genevie Ramirez, Barry Reyna, Antonio Sanchez, Ana Villarreal

    Fabrication team: Tomci Abraham, Jesus Baray, Lesley Balido, Christopher Balli, Roxanna Del Valle, Devon Duffin, Juan Carlos Dominguez, Alvaro Jose Espino, Gil Flores, Ricardo Garcia Baez, Oscar Rincon Jasso, Donovan Linsey, Aleksandr Mikhailov, Troy O’Connor, Genevie Ramirez, Barry Reyna, Daniel Rodriguez, Diana Rodriguez, Luke Paine, Nathan Paine, Luis Zamora

    Fabrication support: Sam Cerda, UTSA David Kral, UTSA.

    Design engineering: Larry Rickles P.E., Datum Engineers Craig Rios P.E., Datum Engineers David Shook S.E., SOM

    Fabrication and material sponsorship: Steve Jones, River City Industries, Inc.

    Material suppliers and support:
    Alamo Bolt & Screw, Inc
    Ashley Steel Supply, Inc
    Home Depot, Inc
    Regal Plastics, Inc.
    Triple S Steel, Inc.

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