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    Molly MASON & Zherui WANG, "Culture Cultures: The Biosentient City."
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    Existing between formal and informal systems and ranging widely in quality, typology, and audience, urban housing is a bellwether for economic, social, and political change. Housing’s complexity and flexibility offers unique and exciting opportunities for architects, however, its source in private equity and public agencies often challenges its ambitions.

    symposium: “Under Pressure,” Urban Housing Symposium.
    Friday, 10/28
    Meyerson Hall, Lower Gallery
    210 South 34th Street
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Three panel discussions at PennDesign will focus on pressure points affecting urban housing: Super-Hot: high-pressure economic markets, New Domesticities: the changing nature of living and domesticity, and Speculation: new tools and technologies for design and fabrication. The symposium functions as a think tank for current topics under these influences by bringing together thought leaders working and writing in these arenas.


    Symposium Convened By
    Hina Jamelle
    Director / CAP NY Shanghai
    Director of Urban Housing / University of Pennsylvania, Department of Architecture

    Kutan Ayata
    Partner/ Young & Ayata
    Lecturer/ University of Pennsylvania

    Brian Phillips
    Principal. ISA
    Lecturer / University of Pennsylvania

    Graduate Assistants: Katie McBride, Caleb White, Miguel Abaunza, Alex Tahinos,
    Mark Chalhoub, Insung Hwang, Jiateng Wang, Adrian Emmanuel Subagyo, David Harrop, and Ricardo Hernandez-Perez.

    Special thanks to Lily Wubeshet and Deb Katz.

    Presented with support from the Don Prowler Endowment Fund.

    Friday, October 28, 2016

    Welcome from Dean Frederick Steiner + Chair Winka Dubbeldam // 9:00am
    Symposium Introduction: Hina Jamelle, Director of Urban Housing, Penn Design.

    Panel 1 // SUPER HOT // 9:30am
    As a major component in the global real estate market, urban housing is acutely subject to market speculations, consumer preferences, and financial crashes that characterize risk-based investment. In the world’s fastest growing and highest value markets, housing takes on the characteristics of luxury brands, high-end amenities, super density, and new business models. There are also echo-effects that challenge expectations of supply, affordability, access, and urban patterns. As urban, financial, and political forces apply pressure on the entire spectrum of city dwellers, how do, can, and might architects re-act?

    Introduction by Hina Jamelle

    Martha Kelley
    Gregg Pasquarelli
    Patrik Schumacher
    Mark Willis
    Barry Bergdoll (Moderator)

    Panel 2 // NEW DOMESTICITIES // 11:30am
    Housing has become an insufficient concept to frame the complexities of twenty-first century domestic life. Private living space, once simply a retreat from the public sphere and work environment, has been radically transformed by the conflation of live and work, new family structures, and economic factors that are pushing toward new typologies and hybrids. Given these changing trends, how can and should architects help shape new possibilities for housing?

    Introduction by Brian Phillips

    Michael Bell
    Mimi Hoang
    Chad Ludeman
    Clifford Pearson (Moderator)

    Panel 3 // SPECULATION // 2:30pm
    The discipline of architecture, especially through modernism, always produced new visions of the city through comprehensive concepts of urban housing. The shift to market economies relocated these efforts away from speculation on vast urban land to speculation on architectural objects. New lifestyles, technologies, and design tools are radicalizing the possibilities of urban housing. Fresh considerations of program, scale, material, fabrication, and form are redefining present and future visions. What are these new possibilities and how can they be deployed in ways that apply their own pressures to the emergence of new urban housing models?

    Introduction by Kutan Ayata

    Kai-Uwe Bergmann
    Neil Denari
    Laia Mogas
    Marcelo Spina
    Nader Tehrani (Moderator)

    Reception // 5:00pm

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