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    One-Night Stand.
    los angeles CALIFORNIA

    For the third year in a row, Los Angeles will have a One-Night Stand. A group of emerging architects and artists are coming together for one night to leave their temporary marks of imagination and exuberance upon the visitors of the affair.

    One-Night Stand, “Last Call.” Jennifer Bonner, Kyle Miller, and Volkan Alkanoglu, guest curators.
    Saturday, 05/20
    07:00–100:00 p.m.
    2025 W 3rd St.
    Los Angeles, CA 90057


    A One-Night Stand for Art and Architecture, held on May 20th at 2025 W 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90057, begins at 7:00 p.m. and is free and open to the public. More than 30 of the most up-and-coming local and international artists and architects will position their work inside motel rooms. Desires will be explored, memories will be written, but participants will have one night only to display their work.

    One-Night Stand LA is pleased to announce the appointment of Jennifer Bonner, Kyle Miller, and Volkan Alkanoglu as guest curators of the 2017 annual art and architecture show. This year’s guest curators began by mapping out a curatorial statement, agenda and inviting guests to participate in this year’s outing. As has happened in the first two occurrences, this event will take place at a motel for only one night, and one night only. One-Night Stand LA 2017 calls on architects to be critical of the installation as a medium for architectural experimentation and challenges participants to invent a new model of action for developing their work.

    With the ambition to increase the agency that young architects have to operate in the built environment, One-Night Stand LA 2017 seeks designers willing to call into question the efficacy of the architectural installation and propose alternative manifestations of their experimentation. At the end of the night, the participants of One-Night Stand LA 2017 must pledge to abandon the architectural installation as their primary medium for production. Last Call is a last call.

    One-Night Stand LA was initiated in 2015 by William Hu, Ryan Tyler Martinez, and Anthony Morey and was conceived as a means for fostering the emerging creative eruptions in the disciplines of art and architecture.

    Participants in Last Call include:
    Emanuel Admassu & Jen Wood
    Viola Ago
    Andrew Atwood & Anna Neimark
    Caio Barboza & Sofia Blanco
    Abby Coover & Nate Hume
    Mircea Eni
    Heather Flood
    Marshall Ford
    Jia Gu & Maxi Spina
    Jeff Halstead
    Mira Henry
    Molly Hunker & Greg Corso
    Joel Kerner
    Brandon Kruysman & Jonathan Proto
    Zachary Tate Porter & Christina Novakov-Ritchey & Mari Beltran
    Preliminary Research Office
    James Michael Tate
    Clark Thenhaus
    YOYUU Creative
    Michael Zimmerman & Walaid Sehwail

    Organized and Curated by:
    Anthony Morey
    Jennifer Bonner
    Kyle Miller
    Ryan Tyler Martinez
    Volkan Alkanoglu
    William Hu

    Web site:

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