• Particulate Resolutions

    melbourne AUSTRALIA

    RMIT Melbourne
    critic: Roland SNOOKS.

    suckerPUNCH: Describe your project.
    sebastian NICHT: Particulate Resolutions is a conceptual non-computational, digital study which attempts to deal…

    … with the systematic relationships of particulates between composition, effects and the resulting qualities.

    It explored this idea through a series of compositional studies via an effect of; resolution, intensity, blur, coagulation, fadeout, layering, and silhouette as base limits. These effects were either built into the process to predetermine outcomes through feedback loop analysis, or were emergent from the process. The coagulant of these base limits emerged qualities which evolved and shaped the project throughout.

    It is these compositional studies which were shaped around the design of a new docklands open air town hall, which attempts to critique recreating a new rich civic narrative of outdoor/indoor architecture. Reductionalism has deconcentrated the affect and effect that public space plays on the experience of the inhabitant but to what extent are you testing the peripherals of what human consciousness has always been capable of.

    I aligned this project with several studies and architects including that of atmosphere and perception of “the sixth sense” through some of Matias del Campo’s work with form and sensation. I also looked upon some of Tara Donovan’s incredible sculptural work and based some early frameworks of the project off Mark foster Gage’s compositional work.

    I also became quite compelled by the by-products of the project which formed pareidolic relationships which could be made between the form and the user. This could be viewed as either architectural object or non-architectural object, which wasn’t intended in the process. Some test subjects started to see figures, even when they weren’t asked to associate with the images initially.

    sP: What or who influenced this project?
    SN: Matias Del Campo, Gilles Retsin, Michael Hansmeyer, Inkblot Tests, Tara Donovan, Pareidolia, Roland Snooks.

    sP: What were you reading/listening to/watching while developing this project?:
    SN: I’m a sucker for the classics, I enjoyed re-listening to Pink Floyd and Tame Impalas work throughout my thesis.

    sP: Whose work is currently on your radar?:
    SN: I’m fascinated by the fabrication projects Neri oxman is producing and produced and look forward to the day I can view some of her work up close, which I’m told is unbelievable.I’m also compelled by some of Tom Wiscombe and Mark Foster Gauge’s digital work but I also followed Gilles Retsin alongside my major project work who has similar ideas but on different scales.

    Additional Credits/Links:

    Currently I’m working on developing strategies to expand the project and its ideas past my thesis work and would love to hear anyone’s thoughts through or
    add me on Instagram @sebastiannicht

    I’d also like to give credit to my lecturer who’s doing some fantastic fabrication projects currently in which you can check out his work at or but is also on Instagram as @rolandsnooks