• in the brief you dont state any specific limits on the site but on the DWG file there is a perimeter drawn with dimensions on it. i am referring to the perimeter shown between beach 169 st and haan rd. are the interventions required to be inside that perimeter?
    the project interventions need to be within the purple boundary on the cad plan – layer “projectSITE” – and on aerial photo.tif.

    does the term “new conceptions of digital processes” from the competition description include the use of automated recursive functions or algorithms to aid in the design? are there examples of what this term means?
    it could include automated recursive functions or algorithms, but also other processes such as scripting, fabrication, and the exploration of complex digital geometries

    are the plans intended to be conceptual? When level of information and detail would be preferred?
    they can be conceptual, but should clearly show the components of the program, interior and exterior spaces, apertures, and structural and material intentions.

    are there any specific requirements in terms of how the images are conveyed (CAD, computer rendering, hand-drafted and scanned, photographs of physical models, etc OR any combination thereof)?
    there are no requirements for the medium of the images as long as they are able to be submitted digitally in the format specified.

    i just downloaded the files, which are in an .rar format. my computer is equipped with standard winzip software. would it be possible that you could have a compatible version posted on the download site?
    you can download winRAR for free here:

    is it possible to remodel the surrounding landscape just beside the competition site border to weave it together with the proposal?
    yes – there just cannot be any built structures beyond the site boundary

    in terms of the amount of seating for the basketball/tennis courts it doesn´t say if it is for each court or the entire amount of courts? Example is for the 2 tennis courts: is it then 600 people per court which totals 2400 seatings or is it 600 for all the 4 courts?
    600 for all 4 courts

    i was wondering if the submission for fort tilden field house needs to be sent as printed boards? or whether they can be sent as electronic files?
    projects for the competition are to be submitted electronically – no printed boards will be accepted.

    are teams of 2 permitted?
    there is no limit to to team size. please send contact info for all team members to

    can we have some clarification on the 1,000 sf “loading” programmatic requirement? is this a loading dock for the other programs found in the field house?
    yes. “loading” refers to the loading dock for all programs included in the field house.

    what type of a relationship does the park have or want with the cultural groups that are found on the site? should it be expected that they utilize some of the amenities found in the new design?
    the relationship between the park and the existing cultural groups on the site is at the discretion of the entrant. no relationship is explicitly required.

    the aerial photo and the CAD Site plan appear to be out of sync. which one is the more recent?
    please use the CAD plan for the competition.

    can suckerpunch provide a photomap and photolegend to show us where all the images are taken across the site? it appears that some photos may be taken off site.
    for aerial photo with photo locations please email

    are there any elevations or sections showing the contour lines/topography?
    no – the only topography is what is available in the 3D model included in the competition package. this includes the current topographical conditions.

    if demolition is an option, then which buildings can be removed?

    any buildings within the project boundary can be demolished.

    are streets and road ways allowed to be relocated to suit our design layout as well as the entrances to the park?

    can you explain what you mean by 3D boundary line?
    this is the boundary line of the 3D model for your reference.

    are there any interior photos and or drawings of the bunker?

    can you have the 3-d file saved to any other extension? .3ds, .dwf, .skp, .obj
    the competition package also contains an obj file – fortTILDEN3d.obj. this is a universal files type and can be imported into any 3d modeling software.

    in the siteCONDITIONS part is written that “there is an existing parking lot which can be utilized by the field house to supplement parking depending on siting of field house”. do we have to design another parking lot and use the existing only to supplement? for how many cars does new one have to be?
    there is no parking requirement as part of the brief. it is assumed that the field house will use other adjacent parking areas.

    the recreation’s seating could be in the open air or have to be covered?
    there is no shelter requirement for the seating. this is at the discretion of the entrant.

    i found that the concrete bunkers are located on the outside of the competition site boundary. is it possible that I include or use these bunkers as a part of concept design?
    the bunkers are off the site and cannot be used as part of the proposal.

    can you get more detailed site topography plan?
    the topography in the 3D model provided in the competition package is accurate. the site is essentially flat. please email for a copy of the current USGS map of the area.

    i have a question referring to the phrase “convertible indoor/outdoor recreation”. what exactly do you mean by that? is is some kind of movable structure that can be opened and closed (and that is covering all of the sport fields) or are we to decide which sport fields are indoor and which outdoor?
    it is required that the program under “convertible indoor/outdoor recreation” – [1] pool, [4] tennis courts, [2] basketball courts – should have the potential to be either covered or uncovered depending on the season. the way in which this is done is up to the entrant.

    does the “field house” mean that all the functions you mentioned (lounge, restaurant, cafe, locker rooms meeting/team rooms, public bathrooms, training/fitness rooms, observation deck, lobby, storage, loading) should be gathered in one building or can we split them in different buildings?
    the field house can be comprised of multiple buildings as long as they fulfill the competition requirements.

    should the pool have its own shower rooms, lockers, public bathrooms, or should they be common for all venues? the same for the tennis and basketball courts.
    the common areas can be shared or separate as long as they do not exceed the square footage requirements.

    should the convertible indoor/outdoor recreation be linked by indoor space with the field house?
    a connection is not required. this is at the discretion of the entrant.

    what is the meaning of “performative opportunities” from the competition description?
    performative opportunities refers to places within the design where the architecture can become operative and perform as a dynamic system with the potential to respond to changing conditions within the project and its environment.