• Bernard TSCHUMI, Architecture Concepts: Red is Not a Color.

    An autobiographical look at the work of a seminal modernist architect. This is the first comprehensive treatment of the architecture of Bernard Tschumi. Part monograph, part architectural theory, and part story, the book narrates a three-decade journey through a personal history of architecture and architectural ideas, intertwining theory, practice, and hypothetical projects with forty built works. From Tschumi’s many written works, such as Architecture and Disjunction and The Manhattan Transcripts to such renowned projects as the Parc de la Villette in Paris. . . .

  • Daniel LIBESKIND, Micromegas, in Daniel Libeskind: Countersign.

    Daniel Libeskind: Countersign collects the architect’s early work, including seminal projects like Micromegas and Chamber Works, Three Lessons in Architecture, Berlin “City Edge,” and the Jewish Museum Berlin.

  • Greg LYNN & Mark RAPPOLT, eds., Greg Lynn Form.

    One of the most provocative and exciting architects today, Greg Lynn has defined how designers and architects use computers as a medium, operating in an expanded field that fuses cutting-edge technology, contemporary art, and science fiction aesthetics with architectural form. At the epicenter of a debate about the role of digital design in architecture and design, his projects skillfully blend high technology and detailed craftsmanship, driven by modeling software from the film and aerospace industries. Included are contributions from theorists, architects, and artists, and futurists such as J. G. Ballard and Bruce Sterling.

  • Marcelo SPINA and Georgina HULJICH, Patterns Embedded.

    Marcelo Spina and Georgina Huljich are principals of the office PATTERNS founded in Los Angeles in 1999. The research and collaborative based approach of the practice seeks to move between digital and material expressions. PATTERNS describes its form-making as Driven by digital techniques and advanced computation. . . .

    los angeles CALIFORNIA

    Elena Manferdini’s first monograph, published by Equalbooks, collects the work done by Atelier Manferdini during its first 9 years of activity and is organized around the idea of the role of drawings in Elena’s practice. The book contains an Introductory text by Andrew Zago, and 3 essays (by Sylvia Lavin, Mario Carpo and Alicia Imperiale).

    Elena MANFERDINI, book signing & reception
    Friday, 03/01
    7.00 pm / Library
    960 E. 3rd Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90013

  • le corbusier le grand

    phaidon press: a spectacular visual biography of the life and work of the father of modern architecture. weighing in at 20 pounds, this massive book is packed with 2,000 images and documents, many rare or previously unpublished. drawing on an array of archival materials, this sumptuous volume depicts not only the vast and varied output of le corbusier, but also the major events, people, and forces that shaped the life of a man who continues to fascinate those in and outside the architectural world.

  • flux

    phaidon: asymptote presents a seamless trajectory of projects organized in a non-linear fashion and illustrated with installation photographs, collaged photographs, and computer-generated diagrams and environments. the projects are punctuated with descriptive text and the speculative writing for which asymptote is known. both partners combine architectural practice with teaching and this is strikingly evident in the accessible and thought-provoking result of asymptote.

  • emergent

    aacdu : emergent s impressive command of variable structures, envelopes and forms according to peter zellner in his introduction offers up a genuine route away from the shimmering imagery of the computer screen and points towards an authoritative demonstration of an architecture grounded in new building techniques. this ambitious claim is supported throughout this publication with survey of 21 works and projects, reproduced here in full colour and accompanied by plans, details, computer models and texts. among the designs featured here, many unrealised, are the cheonga city tower in incheon, korea; the freshwater and emerald plazas, uae; sundsvall arts theater, sweden; the mersey observation deck, liverpool; their dragonfly design for sci-arc, los angeles; the czech national library, prague and the urban beach for moma/p.s.1, new york.

  • xefirotarch

    huazhong university of science and technology press: creating projects that look a whole lot less like conventional architecture than something out of the ridley scott’s film alien’ or the creative output of h.r.giger, hda’s architecture has stolen the imagination of a younger generation of architects around the world. twenty two mostly unrealised works often in the form of competition entries or research projects are examined here, including; maison seroussi, paris; art hotel, playa grande; u2 tower, dublin, and ps1 moma. all are extensively documented with full-colour computer models, sections and details, and accompanied by several exploratory essays.

  • zaha hadid

    taschen: born in baghdad, iraq and educated in london, where her practice is based, hadid has been shaking up the foundations of architecture for over 30 years and is now the subject of a massive taschen monograph. covering her complete works to date, and all of her exciting new work from dubai to guangzhou, this xl tome clearly demonstrates the progression of hadid s career including not only buildings but also furniture and interior designs with in-depth texts, spectacular photos, and her own drawings. also included is a special section with translucent vellum paper allowing multiple layers of designs to be viewed at once or separately.