• in conversation: Project, Attention, :, & Open Letters.
    new york NEW YORK

    Architecture journal Project hosts a conversation with the student based publications Attention, :, and Open Letters regarding each journal’s origins, subject matter, and relevance.

    in conversation: Project, Attention, :, & Open Letters.
    Saturday, 09/06
    7.00 p.m. / Catinca Tabacaru Gallery
    250 Broome St
    New York, NY 10002

  • Project.
    new york NEW YORK & los angeles CALIFORNIA

    Please join editors Alfie Koetter, Daniel Markiewicz, Jonah Rowen, and Emmett Zeifman to celebrate the launch of Issue 3 of Project.

    journal release: Project 3.
    Wednesday, 04/09
    7.00–9.00pm / common room
    465 Grand Street
    New York, NY

  • Project.
    new york NEW YORK

    Project is a forum for critical thought in architecture. Given the present diffuseness of the discipline, and the proliferation of media platforms that indiscriminately celebrate the imagery and culture of design, it is essential to distinguish the architects, ideas and works that take a critical stance on architecture and the world in which it is produced. Project publishes both new work and writing; it is a platform for architects to name the stakes for architecture, to articulate their projects and their ambitions for the discipline today.

    book launch: Project, issue two.
    Thursday, 07/18
    7.00 p.m. / Van Alen Books
    30 W 22nd St.
    New York, NY 10010


  • Pier Vittorio AURELI
    los angeles CALIFORNIA

    Pier Vittorio Aureli is an architect and educator. He is the co-founder of Dogma, an architectural studio that focuses on the project of the city. He teaches at the AA and Yale SOA and is the author of The Project of Autonomy and The Possibility of an Absolute Architecture. Aureli’s lecture will trace the development of the architectural project, focusing on the relationship between social and political conflicts and the urge of architecture to tame these conflicts and reform the city. His lecture attempts to situate architecture beyond regressive or progressive terms, as material evidence that the evolution of design has been always the outcome of struggle.

    Pier Vittorio AURELI, “Theory and Ethos”
    intro. by Todd GANNON
    Wednesday, 01/23
    7.00 pm / W.M. Keck Lecture Hall
    960 East 3rd Street
    Los Angeles, California 90013

  • Definitions 01: Project
    new york NEW YORK

    Storefront for Art and Architecture presents Definitions 01, the first of a new series of events, on the occasion of the release of the first issue of PROJECT, a new journal for architecture. Definitions invites a series of individuals to construct, propose and articulate definitions of a specified term. Definitions 01 will explore the meaning and relevance of the term project today within different frameworks. A diverse selection of contemporary archi­tects, including many contributors to the journal, will share their definitions in short, declarative state­ments delivered in person or projected on the walls of the gallery.

    “Definitions 01: Project”
    Friday, 11/09
    7.00 pm / Storefront for Art and Architecture
    97 Kenmare Street
    New York, NY 10012


  • jonah ROWEN
    college station TEXAS

    Jonah Rowen is an architect founder of Rowen Studio. He is an instructor at the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles and an editor of Project, a new architecture theory publication. In addition, Rowen is an assistant editor working with Emmanuel Petit on a book of original essays by prominent architects reckoning with the legacy of Colin Rowe.

    jonah ROWEN
    Monday, 10/29
    5.30 pm / Geren Auditorium
    Texas A&M University Department of Architecture
    College Station, Texas 77843

  • Project
    new york NEW YORK & los angeles CALIFORNIA

    Project is a forum for critical thought in architecture. It is rigorous, yet accessible—a printed journal that resists the indiscriminate flood of information found on blogs and in other contemporary media. It presents new work, theory, and criticism in a concise, affordable format. Through writing, conversation, drawing, and image, Project investigates the potential of architecture today. Issue One will feature contributions from Hernan Diaz Alonso, Andrew Atwood & Anna Neimark, Pier Vittorio Aureli, Peter Eisenman, Bernard Khoury, Jimenez Lai, Federico Soriano Pelaez, Emmanuel Petit, and more.

    Editors: Alfie Koetter, Daniel Markiewicz, Jonah Rowen, and Emmett Zeifman.

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