• Richard MEIER.

    new york NEW YORK

    Preston Scott Cohen, Professor and Chair of Architecture at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, speaks about his celebrated Lightfall design for the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and other upcoming projects in Asia. Cohen will be joined in conversation by architect, educator, and National Academician Stan Allen.

    in conversation: Preston Scott COHEN & Stan ALLEN.
    Wednesday, 10/23
    6.30–8.00 p.m. / National Academy Museum
    1083 Fifth Avenue at 89th Street
    New York, NY 10128


  • Stan ALLEN & Marc McQUADE, eds., Landform Building: Architecture's New Terrain.

    Green roofs, artificial mountains and geological forms; buildings you walk on or over; networks of ramps and warped surfaces; buildings that carve into the ground or landscapes lifted high into the air: all these are commonplace in architecture today. New technologies, new design techniques and a demand for enhanced environmental performance have provoked a re-thinking of architecture’s traditional relationship to the ground. The book Landform Building sets out to examine the many manifestations of landscape and ecology in contemporary architectural practice. . . .

  • POP

    new york NEW YORK

    POP: Protocols, Obsessions, Positions, investigates what constitutes a position in architecture today and how that might be generated through the architect’s drawing. The exhibition presents 30 original drawings of the Storefront gallery space at 97 Kenmare Street by an international group of architects asked to go “from protocols, to obsessions, to positions.”

    “POP: Protocols, Obsessions, Positions” with Stan ALLEN, Alex MAYMIND, Eric MOSS, Caroline O’DONNELL, P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S, Bernard TSCHUMI, Gia WOLF, & more
    opening: Tuesday 06/18, 7.00 p.m.
    exhibition: 06/18–07/26
    Storefront for Art and Architcture
    97 Kenmare St.
    New York, NY 10012


  • lecture: stan ALLEN
    new york NEW YORK

    Stan Allen lectures on Landform Building, Tuesday, July 17th, at Columbia GSAPP’s Wood Auditorium.

    stan ALLEN, “On Landform Building
    Tuesday, 07/17
    4.00 pm / Wood Auditorium
    Columbia University GSAPP
    1172 Amsterdam Avenue
    New York, New York 10027

  • Toward A Theory of Misbehavior
    new york NEW YORK

    Storefront for Art and Architecture will present “Toward a Theory of Misbehavior,” a Manifesto Series event showcasing different generational approaches towards architecture theory on the occasion of the release of The Sniper’s Log: Architectural Chronicles of Generation X by Alejandro Zaera Polo. Presenters include: Kenneth Frampton, Peter Eisenman, Bernard Tschumi, Cynthia Davidson, Jeff Kipnis, Stan Allen , Sylvia Lavin, Sanford Kwinter, Alejandro Zaera Polo, Michael Meredith, Anna Pla Català , Bjarke Ingels, Eva Franch i Gilabert.

    “Toward A Theory of Misbehavior”
    Friday, 05/27
    7.00-9.00 pm / Storefront for Art & Arch.
    97 Kenmare Street
    New York, NEW YORK 10012

  • points + lines

    stan ALLEN: the filed condition implies an architecture that admits change, accident, and improvisation. it is an architecture not invested in durability, stability, and certainty, but an architecture that leaves space for the uncertainty of the real.
    stan ALLEN’S excellent points + lines includes his seminal essay on field conditions as well as two other writings and an afterword by robert somol. allen investigates swarms, flocks, mats, intensities and the shift from object to field at the end of the 20th century. the book is organized as a user’s manual and includes documentation of six projects by allen.