• Helsinki Guggenheim (unsubmitted)

    Mark Foster Gage Architects, "Helsinki Guggenheim (unsubmitted)." Rendering.
    new york NEW YORK

    We designed this. There is likely a ton of bullshit that we could tell you about regarding it’s process, or how its sustainable, or how it fits into its context symbolically, but none of it would really be true. We designed it because we liked it and thought it was great. We hope you like it too. — Mark Foster Gage Architects

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    • nyDesigner Says:

      Awesome project – awesome statement. Bold and honest. Surprising plans given the collage formalism of the exterior – reminds me somehow of Sir John Soane’s museum but more graphic. Bravo.

    • Thomas D Says:

      Oh my god, this thing is crazy!

    • Farzin Says:

      I’m like so au contraire, you know, like, I just did this cos I like it, and I don’t care if no one else does. I don’t really have a position, I’m just all about demystifying bullshit, you know, calling it how it is, except, wouldn’t it be fun-knee if I took a bunch of cats and put it on a building – LOLZ. #idontwannatalkaboutitbutido

    • a Says:

      this is the best project!!! best!!!!!

    • mythbuster Says:

      Bullshitting comes at a price, the price of having an attempt of doing something worth bullshitting. You can’t seem to bullshit because yours is already so overpriced. You might be given ‘honest medal’ for meddling in with and with in architecture but it’s unfortunate that you sell your oranges by calling other apples as oranges by finding pseudo apples. Negatives can’t be killed with negatives.

    • what Says:

      Fuck me, you’ve a dark, boring mind when you can’t appreciate a lark for what it is. But if you want to be semi-serious, as a collage it’s miles more interesting than any of the shit the post-modernists decided to spoil the world with.

    • anton markus pasing Says:

      hammer…no words for it.